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We'd Talked about It

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FFM, really, I guess


My husband is lovely. We are more in love now than when we met 20 years ago. Our sex life is yummy! No other word for it. Spontaneous, adventurous, interesting-all of the above.

We fantasize sometimes when we have sex. Maybe I will pretend someone has fucked me, perhaps a stranger in a bar, sometimes he will talk to me about previous girlfriends (This drives me wild-especially when he uses their names at my request. 'Call me Jane' is guaranteed to make sure neither of us sleeps much that night! Weird? Maybe but it works for us and that's the point isn't it?'

We also talked about threesomes. Not in a way that we would want to go through with it, but I did wonder-what would it be like watching another woman with my hubby?

About a month ago I told my close friend Kate about it. She is also married and unfortunately for her, her husband works something like 30 hours a DAY! He is rarely home, but oh, their home! Anyway, Kate said that she thought there was a middle ground. 'Why don't you get another girl to just, well, pamper him. Give him a massage, maybe with a happy ending?' The thought rolled round my brain and I said 'Hmmm. Maybe....but it's not really something you can advertise around for, is it?' Kate paused for a moment and said in almost a whisper 'I'd do it.'

I guess I knew Kate liked my hubby, she sometimes made some suggestive comments, but then I did the same about hers. I said 'Really?' Kate took a sip of her coffee and said 'Yeah. why not'.

So about a week later, Kate was round at our home, and Chris was there too, unusually, in the afternoon. We hadn't set it up because neither of us knew he was going to have the afternoon off!

Kate looked at me and raised an eyebrow. I nodded. GOD but my heart was hammering and my mouth was dry (the only part of me that WAS dry!)

I just said to Chris 'Go upstairs, put on your dressing gown. I'll be up in a minute' He thought I was going to get rid of Kate and go to bed with him, so he trotted off without a word.

About ten minutes later, Kate and I went upstairs. Chris was lying on the bed, face down, and Kate padded over to the bed. I said 'I want you to enjoy this, just keep your eyes closed, in fact....' and I blind folded him!

Kate took an age to get his dressing gown off and massage his back. I saw his breathing deepen, and that lovely red sex-flush that he gets on his neck.

Then, she rolled him over. As she did so, her legs opened. Her knickers were BLACK with wetness! Chris, of course, was fully hard and Kate went to work on his chest and his nipples, one of his more erogenous areas, before finally wrapping her long, sensuous fingers around his cock and starting to wank him.

Now, Chris thought it was ME! So when his hand touched her knee and tried to work its way up between her legs, I couldn't really blame him. Kate looked enquiringly at me and I nodded. Chris reached her knickers in slow, sexy little increments before pulling the soaked material to one side and slipping a finger deep in her.

'OH FUCK'! he yelled, ripping the blindfold away, and finding himself two fingers deep in my best friend. For a moment, poor love, he looked startled, but then, I was standing there with my skirt up and my hand in my own knickers so he quickly realised it was ok.

Kate continued to wank him, and he fingered her the way he does me.

Soon he said 'Ohh Kate... I'm gonna cum!' Hmmm....

Chris came so hard, but I didn't see where any of it went. Kate, however, looked like the cat that got the cream.

Then, he pulled her onto the bed, took her knickers off and let's say, helped her cum while holding her ass in both hands.

I was about ready too, so Chris invited me into our bed and fingered me while Kate watched before....well, you can probably guess the rest.

I can't begin to tell you how horny it was watching my hubby being pleasured by another woman, OR how it turned me on watching him please her. In fact, at one point, I almost wet myself.

Next up? He is desperate to watch ME being pleased by another man. Now, that is far more tricky to set up, but we have talked about what is and isn't ok.

Personally, even though I can't think how we will make this happen, I can't wait.

In the meantime, we will have some more fun with Kate... maybe even a little girl/girl. I don't know how she would feel about that, but maybe I should ask?



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