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Wearing A Thong At The Doctors Office.

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Caught in my sexiest little man panties in front of a mature female doctor.


Wearing A Thong At The Doctors Office.

I had taken the day off work to see a specialist regarding my back pain. It was a scorching hot day so I decided to wear my thong underwear instead of some big sweaty boxer briefs. I chose my white string. I had on some loose fitting, lightweight trousers instead of jeans, and just a t-shirt on top. After the long drive into the city centre I was hot and bothered and glad of my clothing choice.

The doctors surgery was more like a big Victorian style house rather than a more modern type of office. After waiting in the reception for maybe twenty minutes I was called into see the doctor. Her office was a massive room. She had her desk at the one end, an examination table the other and a huge space in between. She was maybe mid forties, brunette, not unattractive but not my usual type of woman. She was well dressed in a crisp white shirt.

We sat and talked for quite a while. She asked about my medical history, how my injury occurred, my profession, etc.

She then said we would start the examination. “If you would get undressed we can have a good look at what’s wrong with your back.”

I stood up and gladly took off my shirt as I was feeling quite hot. I’m not in too bad shape, so I didn’t mind being topless in front of a woman.

“Your shoes and socks too please. I‘ll need to check your balance and posture.” She said.

After kicking off my shoes and socks I said “So where do you want me?”

“You’ll need to take your trousers off too. Then go and stand over in the sunlight.” She said.

At this point I must have turned fifty shades of red. She wanted me to stand in the middle of this huge office, nowhere to hide, in just my skimpiest little thong underwear. I was mortified.

So I hesitantly started to take my trousers down. I was looking down the whole time. Here I am, an 18 year old virgin, horny as hell, standing in front of this professional woman in the smallest little thong possible. From where she was standing in front of me they must have just looked like skimpy little bikini briefs at this point.

I then realised that I would have to turn around to walk away from her now to go to the centre of the room. I slowly started to turn and walk and felt about two feet tall. I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me alive.

When I reached the middle of the room I was bathed in bright sunlight, almost like the spotlight of a stage. As we were on the ground floor, I realised that people outside in the car park would have an unobstructed view straight into her office. And here I am on clear display in my little man panties for the world to see. As I turn to look at the doctor she had a smile on her face. I couldn’t tell if she was laughing and trying to look professional, or if she was pleased with the view and smiling with appreciation.

She approached me and told me turn around with my back to the window. She stood behind me and had me stand up straight. Her touch was very light on my shoulders. It felt like she was just standing there staring at my ass for an eternity. It started to get me excited for some reason. I felt little goose bumps all over my body.

She ran her hands up and down my spine feeling every single vertebrae. She started at the neck and worked her way down. I wondered how far down she would go. Then she lightly peeled the back of my thong down to check the last few. At this point now I was past being shy, I was starting to enjoy the exam. It excited me so much I became semi erect. Now I was glad that she was standing behind me.

After she felt my spine she replaced thong and put her hands on my near naked hips. She told me to keep my legs straight and lean as far left as possible.

“No problem.” I told her.

“Good.” She said. “Now lean to the right please.”

“This might be harder.” I said. And it was. I couldn’t go half as far this way. I could see shadows of people walking past the window. I knew that any of these people could see me. That was quite exciting.

“Ok, now try leaning forward and touching your toes for me.” She said.

In my little thong, bending straight over with a mature woman right behind me. How embarrassing. But if anything it made me even more excited and made my penis a bit harder.

I seemed to be bent over forwards for ages. “How’s that?” I said.

“Erm, that’s fine,” she said, “but hold it for a bit longer please.” And with that she resumed feeling my lower spine. She then moved her hands down to my outer thighs. This was the most erotic thing I had ever felt. She was pressing firmly feeling my leg joints and pelvic bone. Meanwhile around front I had a new bone which she hadn’t seen yet.

“Ok, stand up straight for me.” She said. “Put your hands on your bum for me and lean back as far as you can go.”

So I did as she said. I had my back arched and was trying to look for an expression on her face.

“Keep your head looking straight forward and push back some more.” She said.

She probably couldn’t, but I wondered if she could now see over my torso and down to my throbbing erection straining the front of my underwear. I was so turned on at this point.

“Ok, stand up straight again and up on your tip toes.” She said. “Hold that for me please.” I wanted to hold something, my cock in my right hand nice and tight squeezing out a load of juicy boy cum.

“Now still on your toes walk straight forward to the wall with your hands at your side.” So I did. “Now stop, turn around and walk towards me in exactly the same way please.” She said.

There was no way to hide it now. She was about to see my dick at nearly full force breaking out of my little thong. I turned and just stood there. I was frozen for a second. She stared straight at it. I couldn’t walk towards her. She just stood there looking at me with the same smile on her face.

“Walk towards me please.” She said without taking her eyes off my cock.

I walked towards her and ended up stopping about one step from her. I could smell her perfume. I could feel her body heat. She instantly became the most attractive woman in the world to me. My cock got even harder. She looked very sexy in her white shirt and pin stripe skirt. Her legs looked amazing in her black patent high heels.

She just stood there and talked to me about my range of movement and things to try at home, exercise wise. It felt like forever. She just talked to me like I was fully dressed, as if I wasn’t nearly naked only two feet from her.

“I think I’ll recommend some x-rays and then we can have a follow up appointment same time next week.” She said. “You can now get dressed.” as she looked down at my rock hard cock one last time.

With that I dressed and left. I was quite upset that it was over really, it was the sexiest situation I‘d ever been in. But I was still raging solid when I got back to my car. As soon as I sat down I pulled my cock back out and stroked it like crazy. Right there in the surgery car park. I didn’t care if anyone saw me. It took me all of a minute to blow my load all over the place.

I fantasised that the doctor was watching me from her office window and doing the exact same thing herself!

To be continued…



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