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We Shared Me

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I was in Europe on a multi-city business trip and the salesperson who was supposed to accompany me to Milan sent his 23-year-old assistant. She met me in the hotel and I suddenly could feel the pressure of weeks away from the comforts of home, my balls got full fast and my dick started to stiffen and I realized I hadn't cum in a couple of days. She was tall and shapely, big round tits and a short-cropped button-down shirt that showed her belly and her low-riding suit pants that were super-tight around her little but round ass and loose around her legs. How was I going to make it through two days of this?

I figured I'd get off in my bed and call it a night and I was just licking my fingertips and running my moist hand down my shaft, fully naked on the bed, when the phone rang. It was Maria, asking if I wanted to go out to the bars. I wasn't even fully erect but I was already drooling out so much sticky precum, should I stop? Or finish?

Silly me, I decided to stop. Sillier me, I put my suit pants back on without underwear. They were baggy enough that my cock was flopping lewdly around in its semi-erect state and thin enough that the ridge of my glans was clearly visible. I sat still until I shrank back down to a manageable size and I walked down to the lobby to meet her.

She was still wearing the low pants and I could see as she walked into the lobby that a very thin g-string was high on her waist, but now she had those big round tits in a tight tank-top, definitely no bra, and nipples showing clear through the fabric. She was nearly eye-level and when she greeted me with a kiss on each cheek, I could smell a musty rose fragrance...oh, god, it smelled like a wet pussy and light perfume. Not good.

By our third drink, both of us were letting our hands wander onto one another's legs and waists, affectionate, but still reserved touching. The effect it had on me was impossible to resist. I swelled despite my best efforts and, without underwear, my thick meat was tenting out my suit pants unmistakably. She wasn't looking and wouldn't have noticed under the table until her wrist brushed against me.

Maria giggled and leaned close again. 'What was that?' she teased. Her wrist 'accidentally' brushed my pulsing, slippery cock, just a few millimetres behind the sodden, thin woollen threads of my trousers.

'What?' I replied, just as flirtatiously. 'What was what?'

Her fingertips now, reaching down to mid shaft and rolling the fabric of my suit around with her fingertips. I groaned involuntarily.

We were kissing and groping in the cafe with just a tiny bistro table between her skilful hands and passers-by. I felt the burning sensation of a huge orgasm starting to build and I asked her to stop 'Wait, Maria, I'm about to cum...'

Her tongue stopped my words and we were making out again and she was undoing my zipper and I was in her warm hands and sliding around in my own juices and I was trying to look composed but I could see her triceps flexing with her strokes and I realized there were a few couples passing by as she rubbed me, looking discreetly at my melting, slouching, writhing body ... oh, Maria, stop, I was whispering though and it didn't matter. She let go of her grip around my shaft and extended her fingers until the ball of her hand was flat and she just lightly rubbed ... I looked at her, I tried to stifle my pants, gasps, and then a fountain of brisk jets of hot cum shot everywhere and I buried my face in the nape of her neck and let it happen, lust overtaking shame, knowing we were busted and briefly looking up to catch a glimpse of her almost sadistic smile as I exploded repeatedly into her palm and the webs of her soft fingers, spurt, spurt, spurt ... cum everywhere, in public, with a woman who was not only not my wife, but also one of my co-workers ...

It ended up a fantastic night. We got thrown out of the bistro while my dick was still visibly stiff in my sticky suit pants. The waiter swore an incomprehensible train of slurs at us but I don't speak Italian and Maria just laughed. I could see wetness around her crotch and she was licking her fingers as she led me back to the hotel...

I have totally fallen for her, but for now we just have phone sex, oh, her husky breathing, crescendoing 'Yeah' when she starts fanning those fingers on her pert little clit ... I have to cum now and I'm at the office ... off to the loo with my cell phone to tell her what I'm doing ... this is so dangerous but so hot and I just need to cum...



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