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We Plan a Seduction

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My wife and I took in her second cousin to live with us when we had been married for just three years because this cousin, Margaret, had left the convent after 16 years and had no place to go. She needed somewhere to adjust to life outside and find a job and my wife's family was not large and frankly we were the only ones with the room.

Our house had three bedrooms; ours and then two on the opposite side of the house that had a connecting bath.

It was evident that Margaret had lived a sheltered life but she was eager to try to fit in. What my wife Jan and I noticed right away was whenever we kissed or were a bit playful sexually, then Margaret tried to hide her intense interest. Now Jan and I used fantasy and sex stories as part of our everyday sex lives and when I made up a little story one night about Margaret secertly watching us suck and stroke and do all manner of things to each other, Jan had a mind blowing orgasm, actually several. Later when we talked about that I was surprised to hear Jan ask if we could actually do something like that. I came up with a plan quickly and in a couple of days we told Margaret we were going to temporarily sleep in the other bedroom that shared her bath because were starting to paint and update our master suite.

That night we made sure she saw us play with each other through our pyjamas while we sat on the recliner together as we all watched television. Margaret changed chairs so she was just next to us and her face was very flushed. Jan whispered in my ear that when she got up to get us some drinks I should accidently flash my very hard cock at her. When Jan announced she was getting us all some refreshments and got up to leave, she leaned back over me and kissed me while rubbing her hand on my cock, making sure that the head was poised at the opening of my pajama bottoms.

When she had gone I pushed the recliner back in an exagerated stretch and yawn, of course my cock leapt out and I was fully exposed with slick leakage over the head of it. I heard Margaret gasp and I acted surprised and quickly brought my hand to my cock as if to cover it and looked at her. She hadn't broken her gaze, it was locked on my very hard dick. I grasped my cock in my hand and very gently started to stroke upward and asked her if I had offended her. She finally looked up at me and stammered that this was the first man she had ever seen and I asked her again if she was offended and she said not offended but she was embarrassed and I said well I will cover up before Jan gets back. She said okay and with that I milked my cock a few more slow strokes and with some difficulty put it away. Margaret excused herself and shortly afterward reappeared in her nightclothes.

While she was gone I quietly told Jan what had gone on when she was in the kitchen and I thought she was going to rape me right there.

When Margaret did reappear, Jan and I had moved to the couch and we invited her to join us on the couch for the refreshments. Jan made sure I was in the middle. I still had not lost my erection and the front of my pajamas had a growing wet spot. Jan asked me to rub her back and neck since she was so tense and when she got on the floor in front of me I not only rubbed her neck and back but made a point of going over her shoulders and rubbing her breasts a few times and I turned my head toward Margaret each time I did this to make sure she knew I was watching her watch us. Margaret was by this time practically panting and very red in the face. Her hand brushed her own nipples the second time she saw me massage Jan's breasts.

I said well Jan and I are going to bed now and asked Margaret if she wanted to lock up and turn off the lights. We made sure our bedroom door was ajar to the bathroom and a small light was burning as we lay on top of the bed engaging in foreplay. We heard Margaret open her side of the bathroom but no light came on and I whispered to Jan that I thought we had an audience in the bath. We quickly shed our clothes and I fingered her sopping wet pussy to a really loud, for Jan, series of orgasms. When she finally could, Jan took my raging cock in her hand and with only four or five strokes I came in several great jets of cum, some landing on my own chin and cheek.

Before I could deflate, Jan took hold of my hand and rubbed my fingers against her pussy giving herself another quick cum. I strained my eyes into the darkness of the bathroom and was rewarded with the sight of Margarets face in shadow. I told Jan then that I had fantasized that it was Margaret stroking me to cum. Jan heard the gasp behind the door too.

This was just the beginning.



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