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We Got Caught By His Brother

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My best friend and I have been jackin off since we were 12, but it was only last month that we both started to talk about it and jack off together. I went over to his house and found some dirty magazines in his room. I was rubbing my dick through my pants when he came back from the kitchen, so he caught me and I couldn't say anything but admit I did masturbate when he asked me. He was pretty cool and said he did it all the time and didn't it feel really good? Then he asked me if I wanted to do it right now and I said yes, so he closed his door and we took off all of our clothes. Both of our dicks were pretty good sized for us being 14 and we were both hard with our dicks sticking straight out. We both started jacking off. I kept looking at his dick and that made me more horney and he was doing the same. Mike walked in front of me and when he shot his load, most of it splashed on my dick and hands and everything that when I felt it it was kind of hot and I started shooting on him too. Mike got closer and started to rub his dick together with mine with all of the cum and stuff that it made us both hard right away and we ended up jacking off again. About a week later, we got together again at his house because everyone when out and we must of jacked off about 6-7 times at least. We tried all kinds of things like rubbing our dicks together and we would grab each other's dick until we came. I tried putting my dick between his legs from behind and came that way and he did the same but wasn't able to cum until I put some lotion between my legs so it made it real slippery. Anyway, we had came so much that we both ended up falling asleep naked. I got up later and wanted to play with his dick so I started to jack him off and get him hard. He got up and started jacking me off too. We didn't notice that the door was open slightly when we started fooling around again and didn't realize that his brother who's 16 had come home. I guess he must have been spying on us and waiting for us to wake up to see what we were going to do, so he opened the door and said What are you doing?? We got all panickey but then his brother said that's okay, its cool but he would tell his parents and maybe mine if we didn't show him what we were doing. Mike and I said okay so Mike started to masturbate me. Mike's brother, Gary said wait a minute, I want to get a closer look so he got really close to my dick to watch which made me really excited. Gary said, here, see if you can shoot your cum in my mouth, so he opened his mouth. Mike jacked me faster and I came and most of it shot into Gary's mouth. What surprised me was when I was finished, Gary stuck out his toung and licked the bottom of my dick that I jumped. Then he put all of it in and sucked it a little more. Boy, did that feel good! I never felt so good in all my life and it was better than rubbing our dicks with our hands. Gary then asked Mike if he wanted him to suck his dick and I told Mike to go for it and that it was awesome, so he did. Mike only lasted about a minute or so and he came really big inside Gary's mouth. Gary asked if we'd like to do it to him and we both said yes so we took turns sucking on his dick and his balls. His dick was like 6 inches and kind of thick and he didn't have much hair but he came only after about 2 or 3 minutes with me and Mike sucking him. I've been trying to find some excuse to go over to Mike's house every day. On Saturday, Mike's parents went on a trip for about a week and left Gary to take care of Mike. I hope he takes really good care of us and sucks us again.



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