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Way Back When

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It seemed like my boobs came in suddenly - like REALLY suddenly. I had the usual puffy nipple stage, and then, I was suddenly aware of two small but perfectly formed proper breasts. Oh, I am quite sure they were nothing more than an 'A' but hell, I was proud of them.


With them came a sparse covering of pubic hair too-not the usual downy stuff, but proper, wiry pubes. (It didnt take me long to detest them-sticky, claggy-YUCK) but at the time, well, I felt really grown up.

But it was the change in my vaginal discharge that really made me sit up and take notice. There were days when I was so wet down there-and it smelled musky too. At first I was scared I had got an infection but it didn't itch or smell nasty-quite the opposite, it smelled nice.

A friend told me that it was because I was 'ready for a cock'. I wasn't-I SO wasn't. In fact the thought of a boy getting near me freaked me a bit.

So, one night, I was lying in bed and my sister was in the opposite bed. Kate was 15 at the time.

I would sometimes hear her moving about in bed and I figured that she had trouble getting off to sleep, but this night I heard an unmistakable moan, and a barely suppressed and whispered 'oooh fuuuuuuuuck,' and like a hammer, I realised she was masturbating. In an instant, I felt something flood from between my legs into my panties. (I always wore panties to bed-still do.)

Well, I went through a couple of weeks of listening and it seemed Kate did it every night-well, pretty much.

One night, I guess I was feeling moody (period due) and somehow it annoyed me-her feeling so good and me not. I waited until she was clearly on her way to cumming and said 'Oh for fucks SAKE-leave it alone!' That made her real mad and she said 'You should get some yourself-you frigid bitch.' (We loved each other really-but we could be quite bitchy.)

Suddenly I was crying (again-moody) I blurted out that I didnt know how. (And I really didnt-well, actually it was more that I was scared of rooting about down there.) Kate was beside me and in bed with me in an instant.(And naked too!) She held me till I stopped blubbing and then told me to take my PJs off. So there we were naked and cuddling. My pussy was still wet as all hell and her leg wormed between mine. I found myself humping her leg-gently at first but then more powerfully-and it sure as hell wasn't a 'dry hump'.

Kate stroked my back and all in all I was feeling pretty turned on, but it wasn't going anywhere. I knew I wouldn't be cumming like she obviously could. I think Kate sensed it too. She reached up and held one of my breasts and started to tweak and pinch the nipple.

Well, it was like being connected to the mains! Suddenly, I felt like I was going to pee all over her leg and started to squeeze hard to stop it. Kate said 'What's up?' I said 'I think I'm gonna pee.' She giggled a bit and said 'Doesn't matter if you do-but you aren't. Thats a cum on the way. In fact, I want you to TRY to pee on my leg. Go on-go for it.'

I don't know if it was her hand on my tit, or the badness of trying to pee on her leg, but I just relaxed everything like you do when you want to pee and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Wave after wave of pleasure burst out from really deep inside me. I had my first ever cum on my sister's leg!

It took a while for me to calm down, but then Kate took my hand and placed it between her legs. She showed me the hard little nub of her clit and then her hole, making me press two fingers deep inside her. I got to find out what it is like in there without hurting myself. (Selfish huh?) But Kate was obviously turned on too-wet as all hell and when my second finger got up her, she started to rotate her hips until I felt her cum on my fingers-again with that long drawn out 'ooohh Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck'.

That was the first and only time we did anything together directly. Sometimes we would masturbate at the same time as each other in our beds, and sometimes we would talk dirty to one another in the dark while the other masturbated.

All-in-all, I think it wasn't a bad way to get my first cum.

Later, when Kate started fucking, I got to see what sperm looks like (and tastes like!) I also got more from her boyfriend both in terms of learning to masturbate a boy, and more besides.



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