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Watching Them Get It

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I have not visited Solo Touch in a while until the past week. When reading some of the more recent additions I've noticed quite a few about spankings or the cane. I have a story from quite a while ago that some of you may be interested in. It was the first time I was ever exposed to such a thing & it turned me on quite a bit. I've thought about it many time over the years since too while masturbating or having sex. Here's how it went.

My Aunt Rae who had been single for many years with my cousin Bobby, had recently married Gunter. He was a wealthy man who had a daughter Regina 19, the same age as Bobby. I was 18 then, & stayed with them for a week while my parents went on a cruise.

I had spent a lot of time with Bobby as kids but we had not really been together much at all in a few years. Bobby had always been a handful for his mom & got us into trouble quite a few time before when we were younger. I noticed he was a bit more tame than a few years before but had no idea why.

During my stay on the first day we just horsed around then hung in the yard by the pool. Later in the afternoon Regina came home with one of her friends & the two of them came out to the pool with very nice two piece bathing suits. Regina was a very good looking girl with a great bod & short wild hair & her friend was also a fox. They were both very nice & friendly & I had a rock hard boner most of the time they were there so I kept in my chair to hide it. After the girls left the pool we talked about how they looked & I told Bobby about my never ending boner. Gunter & Aunt Rae were out at the time & the girls got dressed up nice & soon left too.

Bobby told me to follow him to his room because he had something to show me. Once in the door he pulled out his closet & pulled out a knapsack. Inside were tons of sex magazines. He took a few & tossed them on the bed in front of me & asked if I still wacked all the time like I used to do. I shook my head & he dropped his shorts to show me his cock fully hard & ready to be wacked. He sat on the bed with his back to the wall & pulled a magazine in front. He told me I should hurry because soon his mom would be home. I followed & dropped my suit to the floor. I too hard a full hard cock that had already been teased by the sight of the girls so I sat on the other end of the bed & we wacked together while looking at the girls in the magazines. It was a lot of fun whacking together after not seeing Bobby in so long & I noticed how much larger his cock looked than it did before.

We finished & went downstairs just in time to hear Aunt Rae's car pull up the long drive. We made like we were watching TV even though we were only a few minutes past when we blasted our cum in Bobby's room. I remember she was talking to me while I still had a semi hard cock & I could feel my cum still oozing out.

Later long after dinner we were watching TV with Gunter & Aunt Rae. Gunter never smiled much nor talked much unless he had to. It was about 10:00pm when he started to mumble about where was Regina & she was now late. Minutes passed & I could see Bobby was getting a bit uneasy. Gunter went to the living room to wait for Regina & Bobby whispered to his mom something about it not being fair with a scowl look on his face.

About 10:30 a car raced up the drive & Regina was in the house in seconds. I could hear Gunter talking to her but I could not make out what he was saying. Then he shouted down for Bobby to come in the room. Bobby got up mumbling something about fairness again & went to where they were by the front door. Aunt Rae told me I should go get ready for bed because it was getting late so without question I went up the long stairs & down to Bobby's room.

I closed the door sitting in the dark trying to hear what was going on. I heard the back door close rather hard so I went to the open window to see what I could. I saw Gunter Regina & Bobby walking to Gunter's large garage where he kept his old cars. They went inside & the lights went on then the door closed behind them. I watched in the dark room knowing I could not be seen & kept close to the window listening for anything at all.

The next thing I saw was Bobby but I could only see him from the shoulders up. He looked like he was bent over looking for something then I saw his head & shoulders jerk. When his head jerked & I could just hear the faint sound of his yelp & the crack sound of what I later learned was a cane on his bare ass. I listened & watched very close then seconds later the same thing happened. I then knew Bobby was being spanked but I did not know why nor what he was getting it with. Was it a belt? A yard stick? My mind raced for answers while I watched him jerk after each crack that broke the silence. It only took a few before I could see he was crying. I could not believe he was being spanked at the age of 19.

The spanking stopped & Bobby's head & shoulders moved away from the windows edge. I realized my cock was hard & that I actually found watching Bobby get punished gave me a boner. It felt odd & good at the same time. While I thought about what I had just witnessed Regina's head & shoulders took the same bent over position. My heart almost thumped out of my chest. Before anything happened I could already hear her calling for forgiveness muffled by the garage walls. She was still talking when the first cane cracked on her ass. She jumped more than Bobby & she began to cry after the first one.

I got so turned on just thinking about her nice hard ass getting strapped or caned or whatever it was that I dropped my pants & started to whack off. Each time the cane hit her ass she jerked & cried even more. Soon the cracks stopped but she did not move. Again she began to say she was sorry then the cane hit her ass again. This time it sounded a bit louder but the time between was very short. Whack whack whack whack one after another & Regina cried out loud & hard bobbing back & forth to the motion of the cane. It did not take long to finish the fast cane whacks then she just stayed bent over crying hard. Right then I came hard holding my hand to catch my cum while what just happened filled my mind & I watched Regina cry. Regina moved away from the window & soon the garage went dark & the door opened. There I was pants at my ankles & a handful of cum. Good for me the big house had a attached bathroom for Bobby.

I went in & cleaned off then laid on the sleeping bag on the floor by the bed making like I was sleeping. Bobby soon came in & quietly closed the door. He got undressed & slid into bed. He laid there for a while then whispered to me asking if I was awake. I said yes then he sat up to talk to me. He asked if I heard anything & at first I said no but soon told him everything. He told me that after he & Aunt Rae moved in to Gunter's house thing changed. He confided in me that Gunter had odd thoughts on punishments. He said if either one of them is bad Gunter punishes them both together. Gunter believed that if the one who was not bad gets half the punishment first then the other one watching will feel bad & think twice before acting out of line again. So what would happen is the one who was not bad would get 10 cane strokes on the bare ass while the bad one watched. Then the bad one got the same 10 followed by 10 fast hard strokes.

Bobby then told me how red & stripped Regina's ass looked & how he actually liked watching her get caned. He said he get's a boner watching Regina's bare ass if she is the bad one. If he has to go last he said his cock goes soft as soon as it's his turn to drop his pants because he knows how it will feel. He also told me he always gets to see her pussy between her ass cheeks & how great it looks when she wiggles after the cane hits her ass.

We talked a while before I admitted I too got a boner while watching Regina get caned. I left out the part about squirting cum into my hand. As we talked, Bobby went to his closet for the knapsack. He pulled out a few magazines & got undressed. I saw his ass was red too with some stripes but I never said anything to him. We both wacked our cocks in silence & I was able to get a nice boner fast. I kept looking at Bobby thinking about how he had just got his ass caned & it made me even more horny. As Bobby was whacking his cock he looked up & started to tell me about what it was like to watch Regina get caned right in front of him. He said even though it had happened many times before, it still was a thrill to watch. He told me he never talked to her about it so he had no idea how she felt about seeing him get it.

We Wacked every day, morning & night until I left but the caning never happened again while I was there. I still think about it sometimes & it is a very sexy memory. My Aunt split with Gunter a year later so I never saw Regina again. I see Bobby a few times a year but we are long past whacking together. I'm sure he thinks about it though, just like I still do.



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