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Watching the Neighbors

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Masturbation and watching put together make for a very erotic combination


I have recently found this site and really enjoyed reading about other's experiences. I have to admit that masturbation and watching put together make for a very erotic combination, and I want to share my first experience masturbating with my girlfriend. I had forgotten all about this experience until I started reading here on the site. After thinking about the stories I have read, I remembered an experience I had for while I was single. I was living in Chicago at the time, in a third floor walk up. It was late one evening and my girlfriend had already gone to sleep. It was one of those hot August nights-windows open (no air-conditioning). I was just about to go to sleep when I heard noise from the third floor apartment across the street. The couple that lived there had just come home from a party and they were clearly high and in a playful mood. I was standing by the window in just my briefs and a t-shirt watching them as they began to make out, slowly undressing each other. What an erotic sight! I got harder than a rock and began stoking myself as I watched. I finally slipped my hands into my briefs. I remember how amazed I was at how wet and slippery I was. I was leaking all sorts of pre-cum-I had never watched so openly as another couple played and teased each other.

The excitement was too good not to share. I went to the bedroom and woke up my girlfriend. I told her that she had to come out into the living room and see what was going on across the street. She was wearing panties and a t-shirt and she sleepily joined me in the living room. Bingo! All of a sudden she was wide-awake watching the couple across the street. We both watched and were getting really turned on. She was stoking her pussy through her panties and I was stoking my cock through my briefs. We were talking with each other about how hot it was to watch as the guy across the street started going down on his girlfriend. She had started making all kinds of noise.

We both were playing with ourselves and eventually we took our underwear off. I remember how hot it was, both of us naked from the waist down watching the couple across the street and watching each other. I found it the most erotic thing I had ever seen to watch my girlfriend playing with herself, first with her hand stoking the outside of her panties, then slipping her hand into her panties and finally taking her panties off. We were lovers but had never openly masturbated with each other before. I remember how hot it was to be so turned on and to be stroking so openly in front of her. I was letting her see a very private part of me and I was watching her do the same thing. There was erotic excitement both in our living room and across the street. By this point the couple across the way were seriously making love on their bed. All we could see now were the two entangled bodies. They were making a lot of noise and really getting close to cumming. We were both masturbating openly and getting close. I remember now just how intense my cum was, watching the couple across the street and stealing glances at my girlfriend. We both had a great cum as we listened to the noise across the street and watched each other-each of us lost in the intense masturbation experience.

We went back in our bedroom and just consumed each other. Our lovemaking had not been that intense, ever. That was an interesting summer. We watched and listened to them three times before fall came, when it got to cold too leave the windows open.

I have to admit that it sure did add some spice to our sex life at the time and it opened us up to exploring masturbation more freely together. I have to thank our neighbors for a great evening we had one night after coming home from a wedding reception. When we got home we of course checked out the windows across the street. No one was home. My girlfriend was all dressed up and we started talking about what it might be like if the couple across the street watched us. So we pretended they were watching. I sat on the couch while she did a really wonderful strip session. I got turned on watching her, and she got turned on watching me get excited. I opened my pants as we talked about our fantasy of the couple across the street watching us. Finally, she had me lie down on the couch and she stood over me. If they had been watching it would have been a great show. For the longest time she teased me wearing just her panties. I was lying there stoking while she teased herself and me, first with her hands outside her panties making herself all wet and creamy. Then her hands went under the silk and finally, slowly she slipped them down. Her lips were all swollen and rising. They separated her pubic hair and I watched her fingers rubbing her lips and teasing her clit. We came at about the same time watching each other, the idea of being watched adding an extra erotic charge. When we finally did make love her pussy was so wet and slippery. It was a great time. I'm amazed that I had buried that memory in my mind for so long. Nice to revisit it and share it!



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