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Watching the Neighbors

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Last night my friend Doug spent the night. I live in a high rise in Manhattan, and I told Doug about how a couple of weeks ago I had watched a couple having sex across the street. Doug got all excited about the story of this guy pounding the shit out of this girl, and my description of her tits, and wanted to see the apartment. I pointed out the window, but nobody was there. I didn't feel bad about watching them because they obviously knew exactly what they were doing, because who would fuck with the lights on and the curtains open across the street from 200 apartments?

Doug kept going back and checking the window, until we finally went to bed about 1:00am. I woke up about an hour later, and Doug was standing at my window, staring out and slowly jerking off. He was only about five feet away from me, but didn't know I was awake. I had never seen Doug's dick before, and it was huge. The elastic from his underwear was tucked just under his nuts, making them jut out. I watched him for a couple of minutes, then quickly jumped out of bed, and whispered to him if they were doing it again. He quickly pulled the top of his underwear over his boner, as I looked out the window.

Sure enough, the couple were going at it, the guy pounding her doggy style like a porn star. Her tits would shake back and forth, and she was obviously fingering her clit while he rammed away. I pulled my boxers down like Doug had down, and started pulling my dick and looked at Doug, and said I told you so. Doug saw me and soon he had Mr. Monster back out, slowing jerking. Unfortunately, the guy across the street came in her, then pulled out, and turned off the light. So the show was over.

Doug whispered to me that was the hottest thing he ever saw, and sat down on my bed and said he had to finish up. I sat down next to him and we started jerking. I mentioned that he was hung like a porn star, and he just laughed. Then he asked if I wanted to touch it. So I reached over and started to fist him. I told him how it felt so much different than holding my own, and he reached over and grabbed mine. So we kept jerking each other off He asked me to go faster so I did, and he started to moan a little, and I could tell he was close. Seconds later he shot a big wad up onto his chest. Right after that, I could feel the jizz welling up in me, and I shot a huge load as well. We cleaned up and both went to sleep in our separate beds. A couple hours later, I woke up and could hear Doug going at it again. So I pulled down my boxers and started doing it too. He looked over at me and said he couldn't stop thinking about the girl getting banged, and I said me too. He came over to my bed and laid down next to me, and said let's finish each other off again, and we did. This time though he stayed in my single bed, and fell asleep. I really liked having his bare skin up against mine, and a couple of times I ran my hands over his chest and nipples, and down to his boxers. Once I felt his dick soft, and once hard. When we woke up in the morning, we jerked each other off again, and for a while we rubbed our dicks together which was really hot.

When Doug left, he said we should hook up again, so I'm excited that I have a jerk off buddy now.



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