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Watching My Wife

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The first time I watched my wife, Pat masturbate was after we had been married about 6 years. We had gone out for the evening. I was tired when we got back so we went to bed as soon as we got home. After we got in bed I was having a hard time falling asleep and was just laying there on my stomach but I was facing my wife's side of the bed. In the dim light of the bedroom I noticed the sheet moving in the area of Pat's crotch. I thought to myself, 'she's playing with her pussy'. I got an immediate erection, but I forced myself to lie perfectly still and watch with my eyes barely open. This was so exciting!
After a few minutes I saw her look over at me to make sure I was still sleeping. Then Pat slowly pushed her part of the sheet off and proceeded to slide her panties off. It was all I could do to keep still. Her hand slid back to her pussy and I could clearly see and hear that she was laying there fingering her pussy. I could hear her breathing getting more rapid. She started pushing her hand down further and lifting her ass off the bed. The next thing I knew she lifted her legs and pulled her knees back toward her. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, she was actually fingering her asshole. I was ready to explode but remained still while I watched the show. After about 30 seconds her body tensed and she squeezed her legs together. She was having an orgasm right there with me watching. I wanted to fuck her so bad at that moment but restrained myself. She never made a sound, just fast breathing. I continued to watch while she slid her panties back on and covered herself back up with the sheet. Then she looked at me one more time and rolled over on her side facing away from me.
I laid there with a raging hard on from what I had just witnessed. I stirred a little and slid my underpants off and eventually moved my self so my dick was against her panty covered ass. I thought I was going to explode. I pushed my dick against the crack of her ass and to my surprise she pushed her ass back against my hard on. I reached down between her legs and found her panties were completely soaked. I started to try to pull her panties off when suddenly she rolled over on her back and lifted her ass so I could slide them off. I kissed her a couple of times then she started pushing my head down towards her pussy. I could take a hint and dove right in and started licking and sucking her wet pussy. It was even more of a turn on knowing that she was the one that had caused her pussy to be so wet. I continued licking and sucking her juices from her freshly fingered pussy when she whispers 'put your tongue in my ass'. I thought 'is this MY wife?' I had never heard her say anything like that and I had never put my tongue in a woman's ass before. I grabbed her legs and pushed them like she had. Then I slid my tongue down to her exposed asshole while she slipped her hand down to her pussy. As I slid my tongue in and around her asshole she was playing with her pussy, rubbing her clit and fingering herself. Her hips started moving in rhythm to her hand. I knew it wouldn't be long before she had another orgasm. I got up and slid my dick into her dripping pussy. It only took a couple of strokes until I was cumming hard into her while she was clamping her legs around me in her own orgasm. We kissed a couple of times, put our underwear back on and went to sleep.
We never talked about that night. But I think she actually put on her performance deliberately. After that we would do this once or twice a week, except after that she seemed to always make sure that the bed moved so if I was really sleeping I would wake up. No matter how much I begged and pleaded she would never just let me openly watch her masturbate, she said it was too embarrassing. But I did find out she just loved anal sex!



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