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Watching My Friend Masturbate

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Age 56 now, 14 at the time


I've been reading the stories at Solo Touch for years - I'm finally getting around to posting my own story. Mainly, I've been reading the MM stories, but I like them all. I hope you enjoy. I see myself as probably bi, although I've never had an experience with another guy beyond what you're about to read (been married for years).

I want to write a story about my entry into the world of masturbation. Unlike a lot of the other stories here, mine will have a marked absence of splendid verbosity, and lies about having a 9 inch dick (I'm about 6 cut and thick).

It all happened for me in the Summer between the eighth and ninth grades (age 14). I knew what jacking off was, but I was clueless about how to do it.

I learned how to do it from my friend Mike. Mike was a year younger than I was – he was 13. Looking back on it, I guess he knew more than I did at a younger age because he came from a bigger family than I did – he had four older brothers.

Mike and I were out in the woods behind his house a lot this particular summer – we had built a little one room cabin in the woods back there. We ventured back there one particular day, and as usual, we were talking about sex and girls. From time to time, we'd stop to pee, and of course, we'd always try and sneak a peek at each others' equipment – I just had to know how I was developing compared to him (or any other friend who might have been with us – we we're always trying to sneak a peek at each others' junk is those days).

By the time we got to the cabin (all that was done at this point was the foundation and the floor) we had a pee stop, so we'd seen each others' equipment once, and had some discussion about how we were developing; we were actually probably maybe 5 cut at the time. I was proud at the time thinking I must be above average: a lot of our other friends had told me privately how big Mike was, and I thought it was cool that I was as big as he. In hindsight, I'd say the two of us were just further along in out development.

Mike was really horned up and ready to go by the time we reached the cabin, and he just straight out asked me if I thought it would be cool to masturbate together: 1) I didn't really know how to do it and 2) I was too shy to do it in front of someone else.... But I told him it was cool if he did it in front of me. What an opportunity: he was going to show me how to do this in a way that was going to bring me to orgasm (I'd tried several times over the last couple of years, but my method was terrible)!

There we were, side by side, Mike with his shorts and tighty-whities as his ankles, and Mike was waxing his carrot. It was so hot watching him! In the process, he wanted me to suck him off, but I wouldn't do it; I was too shy but I wanted to (I still think it would be cool).

I could tell it felt really good – he was moaning all through his j/o session with his eyes shut. I was horned up beyond belief too (he was a hot little Italian dude). I'm so pissed (now) about being so shy, but I just didn't have the hair on my ass (so to speak) to stoke my dick along side him, although I could hardly wait to split up with him this day so I could go home and try out his method. My first orgasm is a story for another day though.

I hope you all have enjoyed my story. Based on your feedback, I may post a story about my first orgasm. That's it – hope you all enjoyed!



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