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Watching Martin

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My friend Martin and I were both ten years old and were neighbors and this was our first time to get together for a jack-off on a summer afternoon.


This event happened on a lazy summer afternoon in the year 1951, as two young pre-teen boys were exploring their growing sexuality. We were both ten years old, and I know now that this is the age when most boy's sexual hormones begin to kick in, although some boys start this at age nine. Although many boys start jacking-off at eight or nine, which I belive both of us had, although I am not sure if my friend Martin started doing it at 8 or whether it was 9, as I had started jacking-off right before I turned nine years of age So at this time, I had over a years experience of stroking my little goober to a dry orgasm at every available opportunity, and of course Martin was doing the same. Martin and I had become good friends after my family had moved to this area, and we had talked about sex on numerous occasions, sharing with each other the little bit of knowledge that we had obtained. We had met previously in our outhouses (1950's) as we went inside to pee, then would check each other's penis out while urinating which would cause us to get an erection and many times we would touch our penis head's together (this is called docking when the boy that has the longest foreskin will pull it over his friend's penis and they will masturbate that way), except we only touched penises and that was it. I had asked him if he knew what 'jacking' was and he said that he did, at which time, I asked him if he did it and his answer was yes. I then told him that I did it sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. We never went any further in the outhouse, although I would have liked to very much, but both of us being on the shy side caused us to not push the issue, although I'm sure he wanted to as well.
Anyway, in the back of my little mind, I knew that I would bring up this mutual jacking issue at the right time. We happened to have an old building out back of our lots that was used previously to paint cars in, but is not being used for anything. This building is the habitat that we boys used many a time to engage in mutual sexual activity. It had several tables/work benches in it that we could lay down on and get comfortable and naked as well as it is always much better to be in the nude for a male when he does anything sexual.
Well, on this particular afternoon, I had a raging little boner in my underwear that needed some desperate attention, so I suggested to Martin that we go up to the old paint building and play, and he agreed. We walked up to the building and stepped inside and closed the door behind us as I said to Martin, what do you want to do? He said, it didn't matter, what do you want to do Roger? I told him, it's hot in here, let's take our shorts off (no shirt) so we will be cooler. So we took our shorts off and laid them to the side which left us in our underwear with our little bulges sticking straight out at each other, being very obvious that both of us needed some instant relief. I said to Martin, I need to Jack-off real bad and it looks like you do as well, do you want us to do it together? Martin replied, let's do it together as I've been wanting to do it with you for a long time, so you get naked and I'll watch you do it. I then told Martin, no, you get naked and I'll see how you do it, at which time he said no again, you go first Roger. I said we'll toss a penny to see who goes first as I reached in my pocket on my short pants where I had a few pennies and tossed and he lost.
I told him that that big work bench next to the wall would be a real good place to lay down on and Martin agreed. So I was all eyes as he pulled his briefs off completely exposing his little erect penis (he was about 3' and I was around 2.5' when mostly erect) although our penises would get a little bigger right at our orgasm. Our dicks were real slim, sort of like a finger, as most boys are at this age. Martin then said, Roger, take your briefs off too so I can see your goober and balls, then we will be alike. We both had about the same size of ten year old testicles that was dangling between our thighs and of course the only hair we had was on our heads. I slipped my underwear off and as we stood face to face butt naked with our equipment in full view. Martin at this point, jumped up on the workbench and laid down and of course, I was standing right beside of him where I could get a real close look.
Martin took his left hand and reached down between his thighs and cupped his ball sack, as he rolled them gently in his fingers while his right hand/fingers gripped his boy erection. Martin grasped his goober on the side with his thumb and fingers below it's head as it had a long foreskin covering, and even though he was hard, his glans was barely showing thru it. I immediately realized that Martin's technique was different than my own, as I did not hold my balls with my other hand, but let them flop around real loose until they tightened up about mid-way to my orgasm. I also took my index finger, middle finger & my thumb and went straight down on my goober while I did it, and although I'm right handed, I always masturbated with my left hand.
Martin's movements to his foreskin were real slow and deliberate as I watched in awe and fascination as my little pecker got harder and harder as I watched his penis get bigger until it stood real proud and tall, maybe three inches of hairless boy dick just like my own. I watched as his hips began to flex, his left hand tightened round his balls when his right hand became a moving blur as he stroked his thrusting erection. His movements became quicker and his penis was stiff as a board under my gaze. Even though I was a little boy just like him, it was a pleasure to watch him jacking off as my sexual urge was so tremendous that I felt like I might explode any second before It was my time to get on the table and put on a show for him.
As I watched the expression on his boy face, I could tell he was lost in his own world, the tip of his cock swelled even more and I could see that he could no longer get his foreskin back over it on the upward strokes of his right hand. Martin rubbed urgently and his 'drum beat' so to speak became more rapid until his 10 year old body went rigid, his backside lifting off of the workbench as he thrust his pelvis to meet his blurring hand, then he closed his eyes and his back arched and he stroked really fast until his body tensed like a bow as his body balanced on his head and his heels and with his breathing becoming heavier and heavier, he thrust upwards one last time as his mouth flew open letting out a gasp of relief as his goober twitched violently back and forth in several spasms as he turned it loose with his balls drawn up in a single tight pod beneath his twitching dick as he collapsed on the bench while his orgasm subsided with his soft goober now lying flat on his ballsack, but not for long.
He and I were just alike in this regard, as both of us would lose our erections immediately upon our orgasm, but we could rebound in a very short time and do it again. I was associated with other boys while growing up that would not lose their erections at orgasm, but stay hard even after three or four orgasms and not stop stroking at all or maybe just a few seconds, then go for another orgasm as I had another ten year old friend that could do this. Well Martin gets to watch me jack-off next and that's another story, then later more stories as we jack each other off at the same time and then jack each other off separately.
These were wonderful times during my boyhood and I cherish these memories, and I would like to thank Chris the Webmaster for this wonderful opportunity that not only provides an outlet to share my experiences but to enjoy reading about the experiences's of others.



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