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Watching Her Feet

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For years I always thought it was weird that I was turned on by girls' feet. Not that I have anything against seeing their tits or asses, but their feet is what really gets me going. Looking around online though, and especially reading other stories on this site, I realize that there are lots, if not tons of other people that feel the same, and that it is actually kind of normal.

My most recent viewing was early one morning at school. I usually get there early so I can get a good parking spot (local school, no dorms) and so I can so any studying/bookwork before my classes start. I was sitting there on one of the couches in the common area when a girl came in and sat diagonally from me. I wasn't sure who she was, but she had on a sweatshirt that she took off immediately, baggy torn up jeans and brown leather clogs. She sat down and started looking through one of her books, and even though I had some studying to do, I couldn't take my eyes off of those shoes. For a few minutes she sat there with her legs crossed bouncing her foot, and all I wanted was the shoe to fall off so I could see what was inside. She then got up and pulled one of the footstools over and kicked off those clogs, but sadly she had socks on.

Still, she put her feet up and crossed her ankles, moving her toes around. I couldn't stop looking, and about 10 minutes later, she started rubbing her heels against the fabric on the footstool. I couldn't believe it, but she worked at it and actually kicked off her socks, letting her bare feet go on display. She reached up and grabbed them and shoved them in her bag, so she obviously didn't want to wear them anymore, and I didn't want her to either.

It goes without saying, my study time was over. Every bit of my attention was fixed on those ten wiggling toes in front of me. I had to make sure that I would see them again, so I grabbed my phone and acted like I was checking something, but little would she have known that I was taking a few pictures of her feet. I was trying not to let my erection show, so I kept my book on my lap trying to force it down.

I sat there for a good 20 minutes faking my way through studying when she got her phone and sent someone a text, then she scooted over and laid down, covering up with her sweatshirt and putting her feet on the couch trying to take a nap. They were now right next to me and I couldn't take it anymore. I got a couple more close up pictures of her beautiful soles, and when I made sure no one was around I pulled the leg of my shorts up, letting the head of my penis just stick out. I couldn't start stroking because of where I was, so all I could do was just squeeze and knead it. It wasn't the best masturbation session I have ever had, but it was doing the trick. I could feel that I was going to cum soon, and after one last check that we were alone and she was asleep, I pulled it out further and gave it a few tugs, letting loose and cumming on the tile floor. It felt great, probably because it was the first time I had ever cum in public, and it took me a couple seconds before I could clean off the drip and smear the cum around with my shoe. I tiptoed away from her to to the bathroom so I could clean off and make sure I didn't have any cum on me.

I was clear, so I went out to my stuff and tried to get a little studying in, keeping one eye on the naked feet by me. This was probably a half hour before another girl came over and woke her up. I guess she was the one who got the text to get her. She was tall and was dressed in gym clothes and ratty old soccer sandals. Dumpy for some, but to me she looked hot. They talked while she put her books in her bag, and luckily she zipped up without getting her socks back out. She slid her bare toes into her clogs and they walked off, making slapping noises as they went down the hall.

That night when I was in bed I got my phone out and loaded the pictures onto my laptop, and they looked pretty good for phone shots. Once they were loaded, I stripped down and masturbated freely, having a much better orgasm than before.

I went back the next day hoping that I would see her and her feet again, but she wasn't there that day or the rest of the week. Maybe someday.



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