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Watching Girls (7)

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I have wanted to write this story sooner but was afraid of being criticized.


Hi everyone. I did want to write this story sooner but I have been criticized a bit by some of my earlier postings, so I mulled it over a bit before deciding to update you. My last contribution was a couple of weeks before Mother's Day and I wasn't sure if I was going to contribute any more. This may be my last instalment but I don't think my journey will end. If I get more courage, I may write again but it won't be any time soon. Besides, you may be getting bored with me anyway.

To recap again, I decided to be bold when my daughter's asked what I wanted for a Mother's Day gift and I told them that I wanted us to be close and spend the day together. I also asked them (not forced in any way) if they would like to spend a 'naked Saturday' together. Katheryn (now 17) and Jessica (now 15) thought about it for a while and I was afraid they were going to say 'no'. If so, that was their choice and I would have gone with the typical Mother's Day gift, no problem here. My thought was that this type of day would bring us closer together. I've discovered in the past 18 months or so that I am bisexual and enjoy looking at females and males. My dream is to enjoy the company of a female friend although I still enjoy the beauty of an erect penis. I found out about this when I accidentally discovered Katheryn masturbating on Friday evening when her sister was sleeping over some friend's house. Ever since that fateful night in February, I've been dying to see a female masturbate close up. By close up, I mean I want to sit between her legs and watch her fingers dance between her legs. Enough of that for now.

Anyway, the girls decided that I should get my wish and we laid down some simple ground rules. We could get dressed any time we wanted, and there was no one forced to stay naked all day. It was by choice. We also went to our cabin since our subdivision is crowded and we get a lot of visitors during a typical weekend. (Or should I say the girl's get a lot of visitor's on weekends. I usually just get a stop-by visit from my folks or a girl friend now and then).

We took the one hour and 40 minute drive to the cabin and stopped for groceries on the Friday evening. We arrived, cooked and basically just chilled out that evening. We all have separate beds in the cabin as it is a three bedroom, three bathroom facility. The basement area can be converted to a bedroom but often is our entertainment room. As mentioned in my last story, the cabin is not rustic in any way since it has cable and is wireless.

On Saturday morning I woke first as the girls slept and started breakfast. I will usually walk or go for a short run but I was too excited to do these activities. I actually couldn't decide if I should go to the kitchen naked or wear my spring-time jammies. I also didn't know if the girls would wake up and come down to the kitchen area naked or would be clothed in some way. I decided that since this was going to be 'naked Saturday', I would start breakfast naked. (Which is quite hard when cooking some eggs and bacon as grease does splash). The girls must have smelled breakfast being cooked and came down. Both wore their jammmies and took a second or two to comment on my nudity. Katheryn, if you recall had seen me naked as we masturbated for each other several months ago. Jessica hadn't seen me naked at all. Anyway, it was an easy conversation with them and again I told them they didn't have to do anything they were uncomfortable with. I just wanted a way to spend time together and get closer to one another.

To make this a shorter letter, after breakfast the girls decided to go upstairs to their respected rooms and remove their clothes. They came down when they were ready and I didn't coax them into anything. It was a fun day and see the them walk downstairs in their birthday suits was an incredible experience. I loved their gift to me. We spent the day naked and played some games together and watched television. I glanced at them during the day, getting excited once in a while but doing nothing other than retiring in the evening and masturbating myself to sleep. It was a good day.

We have decided we like our 'naked Saturdays' and will continue them. We definitely won't do it every weekend but will take a ride to the cabin once every two or three months and have our weekends together. I would love to expand our 'naked Saturdays' with some of their friends, that is for sure. My dirty little fantasy is that I would love Katheryn to play naked games with her friend Autumn. I would also love to play with Autumn myself. I have fantasied about sucking her toes and masturbating with her and masturbating her myself. It would be so much fun. Alas, it is just a fantasy. Anyway that is my update. As mentioned I may not write again for a while. I want to thank you for reading and hope you have gotten some enjoyment from me. I have gotten so much from Solo Touch that I felt compelled to tell my story.

Thank you so much.



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