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Watching Girls

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just wanted to share something with the readers...


I'm a single mother of two wonderful girls and within the past nine months found, and have enjoyed, Solo Touch. I'm 40 years old and keep myself in good shape in the hope of finding Mr. Right once again. Regular workouts at the gym and my running help keep me on the go and in reasonable shape. I wanted to write to you and share my recent experience since I've had so much enjoyment from reading your many exciting letters. So here is my contribution.

My daughters Katheryn and Jessica are good girls, typically involved in many teen activities. They are 16 and 14 years of age. Although biased, as I am their mother, they are both very pretty girls. They swim competitively for a local swim team and keep in very good shape year round. Katheryn is my oldest and has the constant attention of boys. Jessie is the youngest and is more interested in books and her friends at this point in her life than boys, which is fine by me.

In late February of this year, I experienced something that has changed my outlook on sexuality. It was very late one Friday night. Jessie was at a sleepover, I was watching some television and decided it was time for bed. I assumed Katheryn was already asleep as I walked upstairs to my bedroom. The girls share a jill-n-jill bathroom. As is my custom, I wanted to make sure that I had all the clothes ready for my Saturday wash and I know that my girls are terrible about leaving their clothes on the floor and not in the hamper. I walked into Jessies room and began picking up her clothes and underwear for the wash and noticed that the light was on in Katheryn's room. The light crept under the almost-closed door of her bedroom on the opposite side of their bathroom. I walked to the door and froze at what I saw. I managed to barely nudge the door. There, lying on her bed totally naked was my then 15 year old daughter looking at a magazine of naked women, masturbating very slowly to the pictures. She obviously thought her door was closed or didn't think about the bathroom door that needed to be locked from her sisters side. Her bed is situated as such that she didn't have a view to the bathroom door. I honestly didn't know what to do, but I must admit a lingering look at the sight before me. As a single mother, I don't date often and will masturbate myself to sleep many times but didn't think of my daughter doing the same, and with visual aids at that!

Katheryn's fingers gently danced around her pussy and she rubbed in a circular motion. She would also squeeze her breasts and play with her nipples in an attempt, I guess, to keep the feeling going. I know that I should have quietly just shut the door and leave her to her private moment but instead I quietly just dropped the clothes in my hands and oh-so-slowly closed the door so that I had a visible view of my daughter's activities. She would turn page after page of the magazine and just stare intensely at the photos. I started to get flustered viewing this sight myself and my fingers began their own dance on my pussy. I don't know what compelled me to stay. My breathing became rapid, my heart beat faster. I was so appalled at my lingering that I was actually mad at myself but I didn't dare leave. In about 15 minutes after my initial discovery, Katheryn began to buckle and she started to shake. In what must have been her orgasm, her toes curled and her head began to nod. Although not finished myself, I backed away and basically ran to my room, locked the door, and finished off what I had started also.

I finally fell asleep but woke up the next morning feeling very guilty. Although awkward, I said my good mornings to Katheryn and tried to get the images of the previous nights visual out of my head. I was a wreck for the next few weeks.

I decided it was a one-time thing and tried to forget about it, but had to admit to myself that the idea of watching Katheryn masturbate again really intrigued me and got me wet every time I thought about it. As stated, the girls share a bathroom so I knew that I didn't really have an opportunity to repeat my adventure. It wasn't until another month went by when Jessica spent a weekend at a cousins house that I had a chance. I'm ashamed to admit that I was excited to hear that she was spending time at my sisters house and that Katheryn had no plans to visit friends either.

I made sure that the door wouldn't quite shut, and I watched her a second time. I was so excited in watching Katheryn masturbate a second time that I came watching her myself. I stripped down naked and snuck into the bathroom and watched her go at it again. It was my private porn show and again I felt very guilty.

Since that time, I've seen her do it once more and get generally irritated when I can't watch her masturbate. I think something is wrong with me. Here is my other dilemma. It is now August, the time for swimming and summer fun and I've come to wonder how two of my daughters friends (Autumn and Hannah) would look naked. I'm beginning to think about these two girls naked and masturbating as well. They are over our house quite often and I'd love to spend a naked day with them and Katheryn. At least, this is my fantasy.

I guess I'm writing this as a confession. I don't know. If you care to comment please be kind as much as possible. If you have thoughts on my situation, I would welcome hearing them. I'd like to have a conversation with Katheryn about my/our behavior and tell her it is natural and not to be ashamed. I'll tell her that I accidentally discovered her doing it once but don't think I'd have the courage to tell her this whole story. Anyway, what do you think?



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