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Watching from the Closet

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My cousin Roger was a good looking kid in his late teens when I was in my early teens. I never liked when he'd visit though, since I'd have to give up my room to him. I remember wanting to sneak in an take a couple pictures of him changing, to put on the internet and embarrass him, but the day I decided to do it, I had much more of an eyeful than planned.

It was a hot summer day and I had been swimming in the pool for a couple of hours, when Roger came out to join me. He had a great body which I idolized, but he was covered in freckles, as he was a redhead. He had blondish red stomach and chest hair and muscular hairy legs and arms. We swam around splashing each other for a few minutes, when I decided to go inside. I showered and changed in my bathroom, and went to put my laundry in the shoot outside my closet doors. I heard him saying my name as he was walking up the open stairwell, and I quickly went into my closet, closing the doors behind me. They were pocket doors, which never seemed to close completely. I could see through the center gap clearly, and had an open view of my bed, dresser, changing mirror and desk. I grabbed my camera from a drawer in the back, and thought this was my opportunity.

Roger stopped saying my name, and I heard the shower running in the bathroom, on the otherside of my closet wall. I waited nervously for about 10 minutes, when I heard the shower stop, and Roger humming as he walked into my room. I pressed against the closet doors to get the maximum view, watching him drop the towel and go to his suitcase on the desk. He grabbed a few things and tossed them on my bed. I watched as he lightly pulled at his dick. He stopped in front of the changing mirror and flexed his stomach and chest, making each muscle pop out. His dark red pubes were still damp, and dark against his freckled skin. He had an obvious tan line where his trunks were, just above his pubes and to the middle of his muscular thighs. He looked statuesque as he held his pose in the mirror, and quickly, his dick became erect. I stared as it got longer and longer, and then started to rise. It literally stuck straight out, and was the palest part of his body which made me laugh inside.

I kept watching as he started to slowly pull on his hard dick. He just kept his eyes on his dick as he pumped the shaft, and once in a while he'd pull at his dark red pubic hair that was now dry. He fluffed it out, twisting it around his fingers with his left hand, while he pumped with his right. I saw him pull at his balls, one at a time, then together. He licked his lips every now and then, breathing deeply through his open mouth. I completely forgot about my camera, and turned it on, forgetting it made a welcome sound of water as the Canon logo came on the screen. I pushed the camera against my chest, and softly stepped back into the corner, hiding behind my jackets and robes. I heard him open the closet doors and turn on the light. I peeked out to see him walkway in, and pause, his hard dick bobbing just a little bit, his balls high and tight against his shaft. I knew he was close, as mine did the same thing before cumming.

I held my breath, and waited until he shut the light off and closed the doors behind him. After about a minute I crawled lightly toward the doors again, and peeked through the crack. Roger was standing again, in front of the changing mirror. He was now running his left hand up and down his fuzzy, freckly abs, and pumping his dick with his right hand. He started breathing heavier, and a low moaning 'yeah, yeah, yeah' came out of his mouth, as he started cumming. He literally sprayed cum on my mirror, shot after shot. I watched as it dripped heavily down to the mahogony frame and his eyes closed and his mouth opened wider as he kept shooting cum on my mirror. He had his hand in a fist, grabbing his pubes and pulling at them while lightly thrusting his hips. He was slowing his actions and his 'yeahs' were now a whisper. I raised my camera and took a picture through the crack. I heard the click, and once again, resumed my hiding position in the corner. Roger once again opened the doors and turned on the light, he was pushing through my clothes, and was a couple feet away from me when I heard a knock on my door, and heard my Dad's muffled voice 'Roger, we're fixin to go to dinner, yall ready?' Roger loudly said 'no sir, give me a minute' and left the closet. I saw a couple of wet spots on my carpet...great

Roger left the doors open and the light on, and I heard him go down the hall and down the stairs, yellin for me. I quickly walked out, glancing at the smudgy wipe marks on my mirror and seeing his towel laying on the floor next to it. I grabbed a hat off the wall hooks and ran downstairs. My explanation was I was downstairs cooling off. I don't think Roger ever knew what happened, and my camera only got a fuzzy ass shot of Roger through the crack, but the memory will never die. Roger is now in his 30s and married. I still see him once in awhile. He gained a little weight since then, but I'm sure everything still works the same.



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