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Was I Seduced?

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Many years ago, when sexuality was less talked about and I was newly married, we were living in a house with two bedrooms, each with a double bed. Mother-in-law was staying with us at the time. My wife had a 19-year-old cousin, whom I had never met, and he was invited at the same time. When he arrived, I was struck by his good looks, short blonde curly hair, smooth pink face and a good, but not athletic build. He had also a pleasant personality.

It was decided that, for propriety, the males should sleep together and the females. Come bedtime, I had a sense of excitement that this Adonis would be sleeping next to me, although, being 12 years older than what looked to be a kid to me, I was certainly not going to give him any hint of anything sexual.

I put on my pyjamas (in those days, the top was loose and buttoned up and the bottoms were tied with a cord, but the front had a slit) and got into bed and turned towards the outside and I felt him do the same and we wished each other goodnight. He was quite restless and kept me awake with his movements. Then, after about an hour, he turned over and I felt his arm over my waist. After a few minutes, I felt a finger under the pyjama jacket gently rubbing around my navel and I found this more than exciting and I started to get an erection. Little by little, his finger worked slowly down and then he pulled the bow holding my pyjama trousers up. His finger then worked along the open slit and played with my pubic hair. He snuggled up to me and I could feel his erection pressing into me. I wriggled a little to give him a hint that I was not unwilling and I felt him grow harder as he went round the base of my very hard and erect cock to the upper thigh and scrotum. I pulled forward slightly and slipped my hand behind me and felt his erection, which was lying hard along his stomach, under his pyjamas. This gave him the hint to take hold of mine and he started to slowly wank me from the base. I don't think I had ever felt so hard. I turned around as he was doing this and freed his cock from under his pyjamas and took hold of it and started to massage it in the time-honoured way. I think it took only about 30 seconds before we both cummed massive quantities, all over, ourselves, our pyjamas and the bedsheets. Then we did it again and a third time.

In the 40-odd years since then, I have often re-lived these moments prior to having a good wank, but this is the only time I've had a M-M relationship since my schooldays. It was wonderful and the memory still makes me stiff, in my old age.



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