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Was I in for a Shock!

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Shelly was so shy and sweet in class. Part of what attracted me to her.


This happened on a first date back when I was 17. Her name was Shelly and she was a very sweet, shy girl and I was with her in several of my classes. I got to know her and she was very interesting to talk to. A very smart girl too. So, I asked her out on a date and she said yes. It was for a Friday night.

I picked her up at her house, met her parents and little brother. Her parents told her to be home by midnight. And, off we went. I was going to take her out to dinner and then a movie.

But, things sure didn't go as I had planned. On our way to the restaurant, Shelly moved over right next to me and put her hand on my thigh. As I drove, her hand moved up my leg and before long it was right on my crotch rubbing on my cock! I couldn't believe it. I turned to Shelly and asked her 'what are you doing'? She answered 'don't you like it'? I answered, 'well, yes. It feels good, if you want to know the truth'. She said 'I thought it would'.

She then said 'I can feel yours. Don't you want to feel mine'? I looked at her again and asked 'do you really mean it'? She said 'sure. Go ahead'. I couldn't believe this! I slowly reached over to the bottom of her skirt and very nervously started running my hand under it. I'd never touched a girl there before nor had I ever had a girl put her hand on my cock. She spread her legs apart as I ran my hand higher and higher. Her legs felt fantastic. I stopped just to feel them a minute. Between this and Shelly's hand on my cock I was rock hard and beginning to feel the little tingles of an orgasm building in me. I continued up and then I felt the touch of hair. Shelly wasn't wearing any panties! I then felt the lips of her pussy for the first time. It felt so soft and warm.

Shelly said 'go ahead. Use your fingers'. I ran my middle finger along the crack of her pussy a few times and then slowly started easing it into her. She felt so wet. Shelly then reached over and started undoing my pants. I turned off the main street we were on driving real slow. She got my pants open and reached in for my cock. She wrapped her hand around it and started rubbing on it. I knew I wasn't going to last long. I asked her 'do you do this on all your dates'? She answered 'no, you're my first time'. I couldn't believe it. She seem to know exactly what she was doing. So I asked her 'how do you know so much'. She answered 'I've seen mom and dad do this through a little crack in my closet'.

She told where to rub her in her pussy and about this time she went to stroking my cock. I couldn't take it any longer and Shelly knew it. She'd seen her mom and dad enough to know I was about to come. She quickly put her other hand over my cock to catch the cum as I shot it out. When I was through coming, she got her purse and got out a bunch of paper towels. She had come prepared. She then took my wrist of the hand I had in her pussy and showed me the motions she wanted and it didn't take long and I got to see a girl get off for the first time and got to feel how wet she was down there. It felt so good. When I finally pulled my hand out I couldn't help but smell it. It smelled fantastic!

Shelly and I didn't end up going to a movie that first night. Not after this. And we just ended up getting a burger to go and a drink. We couldn't wait to do 'it' again. As time went by, Shelly showed me some other things she had learned about watching her mom and dad through that crack in her closet wall. It was obvious they put on quite a show for her of all kinds of sex acts as Shelly sure did for me. They ended up moving and did I ever miss her. But, Shelly just goes to show you never know what you're going to get until that first date.



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