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Wanting to Get Caught

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Ever since I discovered jerking off, I have been interested in getting caught or catching someone else in the act. I don't know if this is normal or not but personally I find it quite stimulating. I love to read the stories about neighbours, relatives, girlfriends, or in-laws catching someone in the act (or being caught) and staying with them to watch or join in on the fun.
I grew up in a large and very open family...none of us were embarrased about being naked and when i was old enough my mother and I talked very openly about sex and masturbation. She even found my porno stash a couple times. She did however tell me that I shouldn't change my clothes with the windows open....I don't think she knew that I would also pleasure myself at night with them open and the lights on.... (a habit that I still have not broken). I don't know for sure if she ever caught me jerking off...but if she did she did not tell me.It had to be hard not to cause I did it all the time and I was, and still am, a loud masturbator.
I like to lube up with plenty of vaseline and let that slurping smacking sound just echo around me, not to mention I can't keep my mouth shut...moaning away without censorship (which is strange because i am very quiet when acutally having sex).
This brings me to the present. I currently live in a low rent apartment complex with very, very thin walls. All of my nieghbors are female and at times I can hear their headboards hitting the wall repeatedly. I am sure that they hear the same when me and my girlfriend go at it...but like I said I am more interested in getting caught or catching others jilling or jerking off. I often wonder if they can hear me spanking myself silly.
One time, during one of my loud sessions, my nextdoor nieghbour (who is in her 30's and seperated) knocked at the door. Of course i was naked sitting at my computer with my hand and my dick covered in lube. I had no idea how long she had been there at first I thought i would just pretend like I was not home, so I quietly crept up to the spy glass in the door to see that she had her ear pressed against my door. I tried to stay as quiet as i could but then she said,
'Hello, I know your in there'.'It's just me'.
I stayed silent for a second and then said,
'Hold on a second.'
I then scrambled to wipe my hand and find some pants, but in the excitement my dick was still hard and not going anywhere sticking up in my pants. It had to be obvious what I had been doing but interested I still opened the door.
'What took you so long?' she asked
'I don't usually wear clothes at home' I said
'Really.....I came over to ask you if you could drop these letters in the post office mail box,but if your too busy'
That is when i caught her taking very sneeky glances at my still erect member trying to break out of my pants. I told her that I wasn't doing anything that I didn't do everyday but she could just drop the letters by the apt. complex office and they will send them. She said ok and thanks and she left for the office sooooo I through my pants off and went back to my computer, relubed and spanked away. I did hear her come back but I thought that she was just going to her apartment.....that is when I heard the knock again!!!sooo I went through the whole thing again..I told her to 'HOLD ON'...and opened the door.
'What took you this time????' she said sarcasticly
'I said I am on the computer' and I pointed to the screen which I had forgot had a picture of a woman fingering herself. She looked at the picture and in a fake suprised way said,
'Ohhh....look at her...and you have vaseline out...that's what I heard'...and with that she pointed down at my still hard cock in my pants and walked back to her apartment. Of course after that I went back to spanking even harder but I forgot all about my computer and just tried to listen into her apartment...I waited a while till I heard some heavy breathing.A couple minutes later I heard about three female moans and I came right there on my front door.......nothing has happened since then.....but I am trying and I'll let you know



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