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Wanking Martin

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Martin was nineteen, horny as hell but had never been wanked off by a mate, before.


My wife and I run a small photographic studio in the suburbs. It'll never make us rich but it's fun and we have a couple of great people working with us.

Martin has been with us for about a year, he's a good looking nineteen-year-old, really keen but like all nineteen-year-old's thinks with his dick much of the time. In a small operation like ours, you work closely together and get to know each other pretty well. In between shoots we'd sit just gassing away about nothing in particular but somehow Martin always managed to turn the conversation round to talk about sex. Some of the time, the talk was pretty candid and we would both be sitting there with hard ons. Judging by the bulge in his trousers, Martin was a fairly well hung kid and the wet patch that often appeared on his jeans turned me on big time.

This day, we were talking about wanking, how often I did it (he was amazed to learn that even though, as he put it 'you can have a fuck whenever you want', I still had a wank a couple of times a week!), how often he did it (a couple of times a day!) and how being wanked off by a girlfriend was a thousand times better than a quick wank on your own but generally girlfriends weren't very good at it (and I told him about when I was his age, a new girlfriend's technique of pulling my foreskin up and down my cock as hard and as far as she could go ended up with an lot of blood and me having to have two stitches on my 'banjo string', that made Martin's eyes water almost as much as it had made mine at the time!).

I'd had a pretty free time at College and still have a mate who is also a wank buddy when we both feel like it. I told Martin that if he wanted a really good wank, he should get one of his mates to do it to him as only a bloke really knows how to have a good wank. Martin's eyes opened wide and he asked if I'd ever been wanked off by a bloke. As I told him about one or two times my wank buddy and I had got it on, I could see that his cock was as stiff as a poker and the wet patch on his jeans was expanding by the minute. Martin stretched out his legs, making his cock bulge very obvious and said, 'I've never been wanked off by another bloke!'. 'Haven't you ever wanked off a mate?', I asked.

'No.' 'Do you want to?', I asked, my heart pounding and my cock feeling like it was about to burst. Martin was unconsiously stroking his cock. 'Yes' 'Well, get your cock out then, and I'll give you one of the best wanks you've ever had', I said and with that Martin unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down his boxers, exposing his thick eight inch cock, the end already shiny from the pre-cum he'd been oozing for some time.

As I took hold of his shaft Martin shivered and I proceeded to give him fifteen minutes of some serious cock play which had him almost sobbing with pleasure, when almost out of the blue Martin cried out and his cock jerked a couple of times before he shot out stream after stream after stream of cum. All over my hand, all over his chest and all over the floor..

I'll end this true story now because I'm almost too horny to write anymore. But it was my turn next..



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