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Wanking for My Neighbour

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It didn't take long for my neighbour Beth to show her true colours! When her husband was around she was quiet and meek, always staying in the background, but when Joe went off to work she was always finding excuses to pop around, especially if I was home alone.

It was the first hot day of Spring and I had a free day. My wife was working and so was Joe. I had decided to sunbathe in our large, secluded garden. I don't usually wear any clothes at home once the temperature is up, so I wandered into the garden naked, my heavy cock swaying and bumping my legs as I sorted out my book and the recliner.

As soon as I was settled and just beginning to drift off, I heard Beth's voice calling me from about 10 yards away. She had invited herself in it seemed! I called out to warn her that I was nude, thinking she might give me a chance to go inside the house to get my shorts. After all, we hardly knew each other-we had only just moved in. This had the opposite effect on Beth; she almost ran the rest of the way as if she didn't want to give me time to cover up. I don't mind being naked in front of anyone. It doesn't bother me at all, so I stayed where I was but turned onto my back so that she could get the view of my cock she obviously wanted! It started to swell and rolled from my right thigh to it's natural left thigh location. I love that feeling as my cock begins to grow slowly but surely. It wasn't hard, just thicker and longer than its resting state.

Beth didn't take her eyes off it. She stared at it and began to talk about the weather. It seemed she had either forgotten what she came round for, or, as I was to learn over many such occasions, she wanted to see me naked.

I wasn't sure but instinct told me that if I started to slowly stroke my cock far from being shocked Beth would be only too happy to watch! I let my hand and eyes gradually drift to my further enlarged cock and began to wank it to its fullest extent. I was impressed myself at the length and especially the thickness to which it rapidly grew.

Beth carried on talking but stared even harder. She made no pretence of it-this is what she wanted to see-so I pulled back my foreskin and slid my hand to the bottom of my cock and grasped it very tightly at the base and pushed my hips slightly forward until my cock head was huge and shiny and very purple indeed. It felt wonderful!

As I began to move my hand up and down the shaft, I asked Beth if she wanted to see me come. I think she said yes but it was very muffled. She got closer so I must have heard correctly! I decided that I wasn't going to make this last as I usually do but would use the added stimulus of this experience to force as much spunk as possible to erupt from my very tight balls. I increased the tempo and we both stopped the small talk as we both concentrated on my huge, thick cock. 'I've never seen a cock head so big,' she gasped. 'Joe's cock is about the same length, but, God, that is so thick, it must be twice his size!'

With that I increased the pace and concentrated on the cock head until I could feel the spunk being drawn out of my tight balls and rushing up the shaft until it spurted-once, twice, six times in all-over my chest arms and legs, even hitting Beth full in the face with the last spurt! I fell back onto the recliner relishing the moment. Beth's hands stretched out to spread the come all over my body, whilst I closed my eyes in satisfaction.

Beth seemed now to be worried about the time; Joe was due home soon so she hurriedly said, 'See you later,' and was off. I lay back and tried to take it all in. Luckily, this was the first of many such experiences of exhibitionism for Beth.



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