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Walking My Dog

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An unbelievable experience but for real


You are not going to believe what happened this morning.

I take my dog for a walk on Sunday mornings, about 7:30 AM. Usually it is quiet and nobody around at that time on Sunday morning. We always walk up a hill to a small park where I let her go free to poop and pee and pick up some scents.

I also felt like I had to take a piss after drinking coffee and orange juice for breakfast. There was nobody around, so I stood behind a telephone pole in the corner of the park, pulled out my cock and took a piss. When I finished I shook it like usual, and then let it hang out for a while. Then looking up saw two women at the other side of the park looking my way. I quickly put my cock back in my pants, and thought they were too far away to see anything.

It was a young woman, very tall and thin but not skinny. She was about 6ft 2in and very pretty. I love tall women, so became immediately attracted to her. Walking with her, I was to learn, was her aunt who looked to be in her 70's, was short about 5ft or less and shy. The young woman was not shy, as she approached she told me that she saw me playing with my cock but since they were on the other side of the park could not see much. Then she asks me if they could see my cock up close. She said her aunt has been without a husband who died many years ago, and that she would love to see a real man's cock, up close and for real.

I was starting to feel a bulge growing in my pants. Without even thinking, I unzipped by jeans, pulled down my underwear slightly until my balls were free. My cock sprung out at half mast. Within 10 seconds it grew to a real hard-on. Her aunt stared at it with eyes so wide open. She just stared. The young woman said, wow! It is so big! Well it's not that big, normally. I have about six inches. But when I am fully aroused it grows and bulges to almost seven inches.

The young woman asked me if I would jerk off for her aunt. You must realize, all of this happened within two minutes. So I started jerking off using my regular right hand movement. I started feeling ready to come after about 30 seconds. I stopped and the old lady came closer and grabbed it holding it very delicately. Then the young girl bent down and kissed my swollen cock head. Then she pulled her shorts down slightly and started fingering herself. I then immediately started cumming. I started stroking again so as to heighten that good feeling. I came with several good spurts of pure white cum. When I was finished cumming, the young girl stopped fingering herself, grabbed my cock covered with cum and milked it gently squeezing all of the remaining cum out. It felt so fantastic. I think it was the best feeling ever.

Then I pulled her shorts down a little further and started fingering her. Her pussy was beautiful. She was beautiful. I rubbed her clit very gently and before a few more seconds made her cum so hard that she fell to her knees. The old lady just stood there mesmerized. All of this lasted about four minutes. Would you believe it? I still don't.

They walked away, as if they had just come over to say good morning to some guy walking his dog. I hooked up my dog and we continued our walk.



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