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Walked in on While ******

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A few years ago, thinking I was home alone whilst staying with my girlfriend at her moms house, I was feeling VERY aroused so I opened a book of erotic fiction and began to caress my balls and slowly slide my fingers along my cock which was rapidly becoming erect.

I read on and began to stroke my cock harder...and faster. Being and older, stone house it often made lots of noises so I was oblivious to the footsteps of my girlfriends mom walking up the hall to our room. As I stroked, the head of my cock was bulging and a thick drop of pre cum oozed out and slid down my now rock hard shaft. It was feeling incredible as I lay back folding my arm behind my head for support and stretching my naked body across the bed.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the bedroom door opening and in walked Loraine. She was a little surprised to find anyone home and stated as much. She then apologised as she looked my naked body up and down while I, erect cock in hand died a thousand deaths with embarrassment at being busted masturbating...and by my girlfriends mom.

Thinking she would leave immediately I didn't make any attempt to cover up as the shock of it all had brought me close to orgasm and it was all I could do to keep from exploding right there and then so I lay still.

Another bead of pre cum glistened at the tip of my penis which caught the attention of Loraine and her eyes momentarily fixed on my cock which I was gripping from the base.

'Sorry to interrupt, love' She offered now making eye contact. I didnt know how to respond and mumbled something barely audible.

'Oh, but while we're chatting' she the said as she moved over and stood against the dresser, a mere two feet away from the bed, so close, I could smell her soft perfume. 'Will you guys be home for dinner?'

Barely able to fathom that this was actually happening, I gulped and replied,

'I...I think ..so?!'

Loraine then continued with the conversation while I lay there, cock in hand, unsure of what to do next.

As she talked, the urgency to cum subsided which helped me to relax a bit which enabled my erection to ease. Noticing that my penis was no longer erect, Loraine offered, ' Oh don't mind me love. It's nice to see a healthy young man. You can keep going if you like!'

Was this really happening, I again thought. In a second, a million thoughts flashed across my mind but, at the same time it was all very exciting to be naked in front of an older woman who seemed quite at ease with my nakedness and the fact that I had been masturbating.

Loraine would have been a woman of 50 something. Shoulder length , dark brown hair, slightly olive complexion, modest curvy hips and, through her rather body hugging top, seemed to have nice shaped breasts-possibly a C cup or a large B. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that even though she was quite a bit older than me, she was an attractive woman!

She continued talking, discussing what she might prepare for the evening meal. While she talked I thought about he suggestion and eventually summoned the courage to run my shaking hand along the shaft of my cock.

Gradually, it began to twitch and once again become very swollen and erect. I wrapped my hand around my cock and slid in it up and over the head and then down the shaft to its base, occasionally cupping my balls. I held it at the base and the head of my penis throbbed. Loraine's eyes locked on my throbbing cock for a moment. She looked back to my eyes, smiled and said 'Nice!'

I took a deep breath and stroked a bit faster. The sensation was amazing.

Loraine continued talking in a very casual, nonchalant manner, mentioning about being vegetarian and her love of exotic, spicy foods and... I kept stroking.

Every now and then she'd look down at my cock and stare intently...I guess somewhat fascinated by it. This turned me on even more and my rhythm increased and my breath grew heavy. Surely I was dreaming and any moment my alarm would blare out and wake me.

Loraine locked eyes with me, smiled again and said, 'I'm glad you feel so comfortable in my house. Thank you for sharing, It was oh so nice to admire your beautiful penis'.

I smiled and replied, 'It's a little wierd but....I kinda liked it!'

'So I see!' Loraine responded, huge grin on her face.

She then got up and walked back over to the door. She began to exit, stopped half way and peaked back in and said, 'so ...dinner is at seven sweetie!', and then gently closed the door.

My head was spinning and my balls began to grow tight. With just two or three pumps of my cock I felt the surge of energy through my body and then exploded a massive load of hot cum onto my stomach, with some even reaching my chest!

As I lay there I started to laugh. I can't believe my girlfriends mom just watched me masturbate, I thought. Wow! Wtf?!?

I grabbed a towel, 'cleaned up' a bit then wrapped the towel around my waist and walked down the hall to the shower. I quickly soaped up and finished my shower. Feeling relaxed and quite excited by the whole event, I decided to leave the towel in the bathroom and walk back up the hall naked. My cock swung from side to side as I strolled along the hall. Loraine was in the living room which ran off from the hallway. She looked up and breathed out through her nose as she smiled.

Later that night, I mentioned to my girlfriend that her mom had caught me masturbating. She chuckled and said her mom had told her she had seen me 'awake' and that it was good to know that I was 'healthy'.

The whole situation, while indeed was a bit odd, was still a big turn on so now whenever I masturbate, I leave the door open or just do it in the living room. My only hope is that one day, I might catch 'Loraine' in the act. Now that would be awesome!!

.....to be continued.



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