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Walked in on by Norma

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I never thought I'd get caught like this.


I occasionally house sit for my lady neighbor when she goes to visit her daughter in the next town every few weeks. I've been doing this on and off for about a year now and she's always very grateful that I take care of her two cats while she's away. I live with my parents now after my divorce a year ago and have a mail order business that gives me a lot of freedom and earns me a good living. This is a true story and I've finally built up the courage to share it. I'm no story teller and I can't say I'm proud of what I did, but here goes anyway.

Norma (my neighbor) is a very attractive 48 year old widow, very confident and doesn't look a day over 40, and although I'm not attracted to women generally there is something very sexy about her. The last few trips she took I decided to do a bit of exploring around her house instead of just feeding the cats and then going back home. I've never been a snoop, but I figured I may just get to know a little bit more about Norma than she would openly tell me.

At the back of the top shelf in her bedroom I found a box with a ribbon tied around it and I couldn't help taking a peek inside. I figured it would be full of photographs of her late husband, but to my amazement there was a collection of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and other gadgets all rolled up in some very sexy underwear with garter belts and stockings. This got me quite excited thinking that maybe she still made use of these toys now that she was living alone and had no outlet for her needs. I have a silly little vibe hidden at home, but nothing like what Norma possessed.

Also in the box was a small video tape, the kind that used to be used in old video cameras. The camera was on a lower shelf still in its original box, so I took it out and went downstairs to the T.V.

I plugged it all in (it took me a while!) and fired up the tape, and lo and behold there was Norma sitting comfortably in her easy chair, legs up and gently rubbing her panties. She was wearing the garter belt and stockings from the box and she looked really hot. Next thing she brings out the little vibrating egg from the box, switches it on and starts rubbing it over her clitty.

By this stage I was really wet and there was nothing I could do but to start massaging my clit under my skirt. I kept watching the video and she went from one toy to the next until at the end she was driving a big suction cup based dildo in and out of her very wet pussy.

When she finally came she let out a loud groan and seemed to shudder for at least a minute until she just sat back and breathed deeply for a few more minutes. It didn't take me too long to orgasm after watching her go at it and I shuddered myself to a very satisfying orgasm.

I then hit the rewind button and watched it all over again as I couldn't believe this was the same Norma whose cats I feed.

The following day I was back there and doing it all over again, but this time I decided to take my time and enjoy my find, so I took the box downstairs with me and got comfortable in her easy chair.

I had the video playing again, and as I watched her get to the part where she slipped the dildo inside her I did the same, loving the idea that this was the very same dildo she was using.

Now this is the part that absolutely frightened and excited me beyond anything I've ever experienced.

I was sitting back thoroughly enjoying the sensation of that big rubber cock sliding in and out of me when I heard the front door being unlocked. There was no way I could run and hide and I just froze to the spot with my heart beating louder than a drum. Norma wasn't meant to be home for another two days!

Norma walked in, bags in hand and just froze too. It felt like forever that she stood there and that I sat there, trapped like a rat. I let out some lame blurt that I can't even remember and then she put her bags down, closed the door behind her and smiled very sweetly at me.

I didn't know what else to say as she looked at me and then the video of herself playing on her television so I just kept quiet and pulled my legs up to my chest. 'I love doing just what you're doing every few days, Meagan', she said in a quiet and slightly shaky voice.

'Since Ron died its really all I have. I love that you enjoy the same thing too, so please don't feel embarrassed or bad about any of this. I used to do the same thing when I house sat for my neighbors a few years back, I just never got caught out.', and she smiled ever so sweetly again.

By now I didn't have a clue as to how or even if I was going to try and explain myself, so I just said 'Sorry for invading your privacy' and Norma smiled back and winked.

She went on past me and into the kitchen, the video of her still playing all the while and the sounds of her gasping and the squishy noises of the dildo going in and out still playing quite loudly across the room.

By now I was feeling a little more relaxed, but there was an odd churning feeling in my stomach and my pussy was on fire.

Norma came back with two mugs of coffee and sat down on the sofa next to me. 'You really should finish up now because leaving yourself unsatisfied is no fun, now is it?'

'No, it isn't', I stammered.

'Just relax, have your drink and then I'll go and unpack while you finish up, ok?'

'Sure', I said, thinking I'd rather run out the door and move to a new town than actually carry on masturbating in her house, with her toys while watching a video of her doing herself!

She then got up, stroked my head for a second and went upstairs, leaving me wondering what to do next.

As everything that had just happened started to sink in, a little voice in my head said 'go for it, she wants you to'.

I made up my mind right then to do just that and I sat back comfortably again and started paying some attention to my clit with my finger. It wasn't long before my juices started flowing again and as my clit hardened I felt the last pangs of fear and anxiety disappear.

I kept glancing towards the stairs, but Norma didn't come down again and I could hear her moving around upstairs and then the water from her shower running.

That was all I needed and I let that beautiful dildo of hers fill me up to the hilt repeatedly until I was squirming in delicious waves of pulsing orgasm. As I came down from what was definitely the most powerful climax of my life, Norma descended from upstairs and came and sit back down on the sofa next to me.

'I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did' she said with a sly grin on her face.

'You didn't, did you?' I asked her innocently.

'Sure I did. After all that happened how could I not?'.

I was quite overwhelmed by how she was reacting to everything and to then still going as far as to tell me that she had masturbated while I was doing the same down in her living room was quite strange. It was and still remains quite surreal to this day and I wonder if I would have reacted the same way had our roles been reversed.

Norma made some more coffee and we sat for at least an hour just chatting about her daughter and what she got up to while she was visiting. All the time I was still almost naked but she seemed to be quite oblivious to the fact and since she didn't make a fuss about it, nor did I. The video had stopped and she took it out and put it back in the box with all the other gadgets and toys.

'I'll be going away in a few weeks again' she said 'and I hope you'll still be able to take care of things while I'm gone'.

'If you're O.K with that, then I'll sure be willing', I said, the thought of doing again what I'd been caught doing getting me more than a little excited.

I left feeling quite relieved that it had all happened the way it had and had another wonderful orgasm that night in bed, reliving the whole experience.

I learned that day that almost every person harbors some sort of masturbatory secret, and the people you least expect to, can turn out to be the most understanding and open about the subject.

Norma left the box of toys in a very accessible place the next time she went away and the video tape was labeled 'For Meagan', and had a new video on it every time she went away.

I continued to make good use of the box of goodies again quite a few times, every time reliving the experience of Norma walking in on me over and over in my mind until she moved away to her daughter and it all came to an end.



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