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Waiting My Turn

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When I was dating in my late 20's and early 30's I gave up in getting together with the woman of my dreams. I knew I wasn't going to get a model or athletic woman. I was over 250 lbs and most women don't see me that way. When I was on a dating site I received an email from a woman who was three years older than me and a little overweight. Beth and I talked online and then on the phone. After a month we decided to meet at a restaurant. I arrived ten minutes early and waited at the bar. A woman came in who was tall, blonde hair, a business suit and a bit overweight. I walked over to her and asked if her name was Beth. She asked if I was Gregg and I said yes. We hugged and went to the bar. When our table was ready we sat and talked and had a great dinner. When I walked Beth to her car she kissed me on the cheek and told me to call her later. When I got home I called her and she told me she had a great time.

We went out a few more times and about two months in I asked her to stay over my condo. Beth said okay and that Friday she drove over and dropped her things. We went to a movie, dinner and back to my place. As we were getting ready for bed Beth went into the guest bathroom. I used the master to brush my teeth. I got into bed and was watching tv when Beth came into the room. She was naked and smiling. I looked her up and down and told her how sexy she looked. I then got out of bed and stripped naked. Beth smiled and said I think someone likes me. I was getting hard fast and we hugged and felt each others body. She had a nice ass that was wide but smooth. She was overweight and so am I. Her breasts were not huge and while they did sag had great nipples. She also had a thick mound of pubic hair. She told me she usually trims in the summer but hadn't in a while. She told me I had no ass but did have a nice dick and big squeezable balls. We kissed a little and then went to the bed. Beth had me on my back and rubbed my penis with one hand and squeezed my balls with the other. Then she started to lick my penis head and then started to suck me off. I was in heaven and she was doing an amazing job. Beth was making sucking noises and moaning and telling me how hard I was. Then she got busy and started to really suck me off and soon I was squirting my cum into her mouth. When Beth laid beside me I told her that was amazing.

It was now my turn and I kissed her neck and started down the trail. I kissed each breast and made her nipple hard as rocks. I kissed her stomach and love handles. I then went to her thighs and kissed them until she asked me to go for the gold. I saw first hand how hairy and wet she was. I saw her pussy lips and licked up and down them. Beth breath was changing and she was enjoying it. I then slid my tongue between her lips and licked her insides. Beth told me to keep going. I went up and down her pussy getting higher each time. I then found her clit and licked it. Beth bucked and told me to suck her clit. I did and Beth was like a wild women. She was bouncing her ass and I was on a ride. When I sucked and licked her clit at the same time she moaned loudly and her entire body felt like it was vibrating. I left a little fluid go into my mouth and then Beth was still. In a minute she regained her senses and said that was amazing. When I laid down next to her, Beth told me she was never leaving my place if we have sex like this.

In a few days Beth moves in with me and we are engaged in 6 months and married in 6 more. We just know we are right for each other. We both sell our condos and buy a house that has a pool and a lot of privacy. We love the house and when we are at home we are naked a lot and in the pool. The pool is great and we have had many sex sessions in the pool. One night after eating and swimming naked Beth sees some blood in the pool. We check each other and I see she is bleeding from her pussy. Beth then looks at me and says she is late for her period. I run to the store and Beth is pregnant. After we hug and kiss we tell no one and get blood work done. Beth is two months along and after the first trimester do we tell anyone. At work people are telling her how she glows. At the doctor office Beth keeps losing weight and the baby is getting bigger. When the baby is born Beth is actually down 34 lbs and looks great. The baby and Beth are healthy and we start our new life.



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