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Visiting Step Sister

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My step sister was so good to me (if you know what I mean).


My mom and dad divorced when I was 9 and dad remarried when I was 12. I mostly lived with my dad while growing up. The woman dad married also had kids from a previous marrage one of them being a daughter who was 3 years older then me. Her name was Julie and she'd often come over and live with us.

When I turned 14, Julie came over to live with us for most the Summer. She and I got along very well and were pretty good friends. It was during this visit that I really noticed Julie's beauty and fantastic body. And, she often made it very easy for me to notice as she'd often run around the house wearing nothing but her skimpy panties and bra. You can only imagine the effect this had on a horny 14 year old boy. I'd always get an immediate boner when I'd see her like this. She stood around 5'7' then and probably weighed 115 pounds with the most beautiful tits, ass and legs I'd ever seen. I'd often have to run to my room to get myself under control with a good hand job on myself.

One morning it happened and I'll never forget it. I woke up and went to the restroom. When I got back to my room, Julie knocked on the door and came in wearing a little bra and almost see through panties. What a sight! I could actually see her bush. I was already simi hard before she came in and I went full hard the momment I saw her. I was just wearing my briefs. I know my eyes were the size of quarters and my mouth probably dropped when I saw her and Julie noticed this. She also noticed my boner in my briefs. She stopped and looked at me setting on the bed, smiled and said 'looks like you like what you're seeing'. I didn't say anything and just sat there not knowing what to say. Julie then faced me and put a hand around each tit and said 'have you ever seen any of these before'? I shook my head no.

She came over and sat next to me and said 'I bet you'd like to feel these, wouldn't you' still holding her tits in her hands. Then she said 'maybe you'd rather see this' pointing to her pussy. I was still too in shock to say anything. Julie then reached around and unhooked her bra and took it off. My eyes almost came out of my head. They were beautiful! Julie asked me 'want to feel them? Go ahead'. I slowly reached over touching them and they felt so good and soft. Julie then stood and took off her panties. I was in seventh heaven. She laid down and spread her legs and said 'go ahead and have a good look and I know you want a good feel'. I walked over next to her looking at her pussy. I was standing next to the bed and my hip area was just above bed level and Julie reached over putting her hand on my boner. I jumped with excitment of having a girl touch me there for the first time.

Julie then reached for my waist band and pulled down removing my briefs. I was now showing my cock to a girl for the first time and I was about to explode with excitment. I then slowly reached down touching her pussy and feeling her legs. She wrapped her hands around my cock and slowly stroked it. Within seconds, I went off shooting cum on her belly and the bed. Julie said 'wow; look at you' as I came. She then rubbed her hand in the cum on her belly.

I continued to stand there feeling her tits, pussy and legs and my cock stayed hard as a rock. Julie kept rubbing on it. She then pulled me down rubbing my cock against the softness of her belly and it wasn't long at all and I went off again adding more cum to her belly and she rubbed my cock in it. I then began to lose my erection and began to soften. Julie got up and headed for the shower.

Two days later, we did it again and Julie showed me how to play with her pussy and I was able to bring her off also. It was fantastic seeing her come. Good thing we were home alone as she would had woke up the whole house when she came. This went on all Summer long. I wanted so bad to get into her pussy but Julie wouldn't let me. But I sure couldn't complain. The hand jobs she gave along with the feel of her body was more than I'd ever dreamed in my wildest dreams.

We're both grown and married now and when we do get together, we'll often get alone and joke with each other about our sexual exploits back then. She's still a beautiful woman with a fantastic body and I do hope that one of these days we can do it again for old time sake. Maybe this next time she'll let me get into her pussy with more than just my fingers.



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