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Visiting Friend

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Earlier, I told how I found an old friend of mine online and went to visit her. It turns out that she is now a nudist and, since we spent my whole visit naked at her apartment, when I got home I started going naked more myself. After a while, it became my routine to come home from work, take a shower and spend the rest of my day nude. I even started sleeping naked all the time, even when it started getting cold outside.

Going back to my friend, since then we have chatted almost every day, either on the phone or on the computer, and we also set up webcams so we could see each other. Of course, we were always naked when we did this, and eventually we didn't even notice it because it was so common. Sometimes, we would also masturbate while watching each other, which would turn me on so much that I would usually cum within minutes.

Last week, she came to visit me for a couple days like she promised she would. This time, since we didn't have any catching up to do, we went straight to my apartment from the airport, stripped down as soon as we got inside the door and went back to my bedroom to have some fun for a while. We started out just by sitting on my bed talking, but like clockwork it turned to masturbation, and ended up with her between my legs and me between hers. After we both came a couple of times, we got kind of hungry, so we decided to raid the fridge. Since my floors get really cold, I gave her a pair of my slippers to wear. Unfortunately, since her feet are so much bigger than mine, they didn't fit and her toes hung over the front edge. She didn't mind though, and joked that they gave her a little more room to 'spread out', as she leaned back, held up her feet and wiggled her long toes back and forth at me. We both laughed and shuffled down to the kitchen. Once we had our bellies full, we had some coffee and made our way to the living room to watch some TV. I got us a blanket and we curled up on the couch together and watched a couple movies before it started getting kind of late.

Around 11, we both were getting tired, and since it would be getting kind of cold in the house, I suggested that we both just sleep in my bed, which she jumped at the chance to do. We both took a shower, brushed our teeth and all of that, and then we went back to my room and started masturbating again. After we both had a nice, slow orgasm, we rolled over on our sides and just watched each other. At that point, we could both tell by the looks in our eyes that we were more than just friends. I scooted closer and told her that I think that I love her, and she said that she thinks she loves me too. She crawled on top of me and we started kissing, I kicked off the sheets, wrapped my arms and legs around her and pulled her tighter to me. We must've rolled around on the bed for a half hour, kissing and feeling all over each other before masturbating one more time in each others arms. When we fell asleep, she cuddled up with her back to me and I wrapped the sheets around us and we stayed that way until morning.

The next day, we spent practically the whole day in bed, making out, rubbing each others backs, and of course, masturbating. This time, however, we didn't hold back. Biting nipples, licking clits, sucking each others' toes, you name it. At one point, I even went to the bathroom and found a small bottle which we both used as a dildo.

The day seemed to fly by, and before we knew it, it was almost time for her to go. Getting serious, we both started to talk and she mentioned that she wanted to move back home and that she wanted to live with me. I told her that whenever she felt comfortable, she could move in at any time. She hugged me, and we just laid there wrapped around each other for a while, holding and stroking each others' bare bodies.

When I took her back to the airport, we were both sad that she had to go, but at the same time we were happy because we knew she would be back, and that soon she would be back to stay.



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