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Violins and Orgasms

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Both are better after 50 years!


Part One, My early learning experiences!

Having grown up in the Central Plains in a one-room country school with a very small student population and a teacher nearing retirement, there was not much opportunity for ball. So in the fall of 1953, the boy in the next grade showed me how to 'play ball' in the two-seater outhouse where, through a horizontal crack in the wall which we carved wider and longer, we could both watch the girls turn cartwheels while wearing dresses that would fall over their heads when upside down and reveal their thighs and panties!

We also crawled under the porch to get under the school so we could 'play ball' in spring and fall, at both recesses plus the noon hour. Our teacher would ask what we did under the school, but he was able to shrug off her question. In winter we climbed up into the attic where it was warmer. Once he even invited his younger sister up to the attic and had her pull down her jeans so he could see her 'crack.' He pumped vigorously, but I felt sorry for her because she had only a crack, but nothing sticking out to play with. She looked at both of us with a puzzled look on her face as it to ask what's so exciting. Then I understood why the older boys and girls would not allow me to come up into the attic when I was in the lower grades! That's getting ahead of my story.

As I learned more about pleasure, I also enjoyed watching the tomcat ride the cats, the drake ride the ducks, the rooster ride the hens, the boar ride the sows and enjoyed all the excitement while feeding them! I learned to enjoy choring time when I would feed the animals and get excited watching the males get excited and pound away while the females were busy eating! During the day I even caught them 'riding' sometimes! Every time I would get an erection, which was always a problem because it bulged visibly against my jeans! So I would go behind a building to relieve its fullness! While pumping avidly, I'd keep an eye open so I wouldn't get caught. I'd never been told that playing with myself was bad, but didn't want to get scolded if I got caught because it felt so good! In recent years, I've come to believe that as long as I'm not violating a female, but simply indulging in self-stimulation, self-eroticism, and self-pleasuring, it is not wrong.

Back to my story, the older boy was patient with me and explained that by pumping one's prick, after a while it would feel really good and a tiny drop of while 'love juice' would come out. I have no idea how many times nor how many months it took before I was able to produce a drop of love juice, but when I did get the first drop to ooze out, I felt like a man because now I could impregnate a female! We were under the school, but I felt like shouting to the world 'I'm a man now!' He and I would each pump ourselves wildly, one hand at a time, till both arms felt like they were going to drop, but the tremendous thrills at the end were always worth all the effort and sweat! We would just lie there and bask in the glow of pleasure until the bell rang that signaled the end of recess. Then we'd crawl out, brush the dust off our jeans, and enter the school red-faced, with our eyes still bulging, wiping sweat, and have big smiles on our faces!

Part 2, My best ever orgasm!

As I write this, I had an awesome O less than 36 hours ago! I had creamed about 10:30 AM on Wednesday morning, August 24, while reading the newest Solo Touch stories, but my rest afterwards was disrupted by a phone call, so no big deal. After typing hard all evening, I decided to check for some new Solo Touch stories about 11:30 PM just to see if my love wand might respond since my thrill had been interrupted in the morning. My wife had already gone to bed. Ah, it didn't take long to take notice, engorge, and feel good to my touch! So I decided to go for it, and am very thankful I did! I read the Solo Touch story about the male anatomy teachers description of how a vibe on his prostate gave him an awesome orgasm and was reading the one about the overnight stay! I had downloaded both, just posted Aug 24.

Usually as I near orgasm, I feel the sensation of fullness inside move up through my abdomen and chest to my brain. This time, however, when the big O hit, it was like a fourth of July firecracker bursting overhead and sending showers of sparks down all over! No sound, no bells, no sparks, no fireworks, just an awesome burst of sensations in my head that continued to shower down thrills all over my body and through my body for several minutes! My cream flowing out for the second time that day did not even produce much feeling in my pleasure pole, but the feeling throughout my body was like a waterfall cascading continually for several minutes or like fireworks that continue to spew sparklers all around them! I was in total awe and just sat there, letting the feelings wash over me, enjoying every minute of it! Not bursts or spasms, just a continuous shower of thrills cascading all over me! Wonderful! Possibly the best orgasm I've ever had! When I went to bed after midnight, after a shower, I told God, 'Thank you!' repeatedly! Realizing that it was only 11 hours between O's reminded me that my second O is often better than the first with the thrills just bursting inside, even though not as much cream gushes out if it is only an hour or so since my last ejaculation.

Several decades ago, an elderly gentleman who enjoyed woodworking showed me a violin he had built that had just been appraised by a university in Texas and valued at $70,000. He said his dad had told him not even to bother building a violin until after he had played one for at least 50 years so he fully understood it inside and out and what made it produce the sound. On this particular violin, he had modified the F-hole to enhance the sound.

So like the violin maker, I realized that my best orgasms are not all past. After nearly 52 years of playing with my favorite toy, it still rewards me handsomely! Hearing on TV that, as we age, our sex drive diminishes and our ability to achieve erections takes more effort and takes longer to pay attention so it can take notice and stand up straight and tall, I'm coming to believe that all such hype is hogwash produced by pharmaceutical companies, who want to profit from waning erections. The old cliché use it or lose it also applies to erections. I've heard that the penises of old men literally shrink away to practically nothing at all to hold on to while urinating. I believe that IF we treat the most intimate part of our bodies with respect and pay the amount of attention to them that they rightfully deserve, they will continue to function properly and not become filled with cancer cells. Sex is as important as eating and I certainly don't intend to let either loss of erections nor cancer happen to my most precious possession! I've come to believe that testicular cancer and prostate cancer can possibly be avoided IF the sperm is emptied regularly so it does not become old and rancid inside the body. Articles on Solo Touch several months ago indicated that studies prove that ejaculation is good for both body and mind. Even though a nurse may tell a male patient that not ejaculating is no problem because the body reabsorbs the sperm, don't let that cause you to stop ejaculating regularly. I enjoy reading stories about nurses who assisted their male patients by rubbing them to relieve the pressure!

Part 3, Thank God!

The Almighty Creator, who placed the galaxies in their orbits billions of light years apart and measures the distance with a span of his hand as Isaiah wrote in chapter 40 verse 12, is the same Creator Who knit our body parts together while we were still in our mother's womb, the Psalmist wrote in chapter 139 verse 13. Only God can give life. Microscopic sperm bombard microscopic eggs in the female body and new life is born. Although God has charge of the changing of the seasons, the ebb and flow of the ocean, and the galaxies in their orbits, he cares about us as finite and fallible human beings. Jesus said God sees every sparrow that falls and has the hairs on our heads numbered. God created us and knows the inside of our bodies better than we do, how all the systems function together in harmony most of the time. Because God is present at all times and not only knows when we tickle the outside of our body to make it feel good, I believe he actually transmits the sensations internally via nerves to our brain and then back again throughout our entire body every time our sexual organs are stimulated. Give credit where credit is due and don't forget to thank God for every thrill and orgasm!

Thanks for reading and please respond. I'll close by saying, Tickle! Enjoy! and be thankful! RC



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