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View Up My Skirt

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Guess I was a bit of an exhibitionist but I loved the attention it got.


Way back when I was in junior high school in the ninth grade I was well developed and knew it. I would get lots of looks from the boys always eyeing my breasts and legs. I grew to like the attention and decided to get even more of there attention by showing them more of me. Or, I should say, more of my body.

I started wearing more revealing tops with low neck lines and thinner material. I also started wearing shorter skirts. I'd notice boys stopping in the halls between classes just to see me walk by. I'd get such a thrill by all the attention.

In one class the way the chairs were arranged a boy named Johnny sat across from me and I would sit in such a way to give him a good look at my legs up my skirt and I'd sit in such a way to make the most of it. I'd often catch him looking and knocking his knees together in excitement. I'd have my legs out toward him and would slowly open my legs giving Johnny a perfect view and there was no doubt he could see the 'Y' and my panties. I had two older brothers and I very well knew about boys jerking themselves off as I had caught my brothers doing it. My brother that was two years older than me had also talked to me about it when I'd caught him and told me what he was thinking about as he did it. I had been masturbating for around three years too. I had even seen boy's cum having found some in the bathroom that a brother had missed when he cleaned up. So I very well knew what Johnny would be doing as soon as he got home from school with me on his mind.

I finally got up enough nerve one day to go up to Johnny after class and talked to him. I asked him if he enjoyed the view. He acted like he didn't know what I was talking about. I came back with 'Johnny, I saw you looking. You know what I'm talking about'. Johnny then came back with 'well, what do you expect. I can't help but look'. I told him 'I know what you're going to be doing when you get home'. Johnny said to me 'what'? I told him 'I have two brothers and I know what they do and you're no different. You're going to be playing with it and thinking about what you've been looking at in class'. Johnny turned red in the face when I said this. I then asked him 'am I right'? He then said 'yes, I can't help it. If only you knew what it's like after seeing you in class'. I felt kind of flattered at hearing him say this. I then told him 'maybe some day I can watch you do it'. Johnny's face showed all kinds of excitement at my saying this. I then turned and walked away.

Next day at school I was sure tempted to take it another step and leave my panties off but I decided not to, thinking this would be taking things a little too far. But I did wear a pair of pink panties. In that last class I made sure I gave Johnny a good look and this time he never tried to hide his looking and would look up at me and smile. Later when I looked over at him he had his hand in his lap and was squeezing his erect cock through his pants right there in class. He had sure lost any inhibitions he had after yesterdays's conversation with me. I too got excited seeing him like this.

After class I found Johnny waiting for me in the hall. He offered to carry my books and I let him. We went to our lockers and put them up taking what we needed to home. On the way out of the building Johnny asked me 'do you still want to see me 'do it''? I told him yes. He said he's home alone until after 5 o'clock if I wanted to come over. He was so nervous while talking to me like this and again red in the face. I asked him where he lived and found it was three blocks from my house. No problem here so I agreed. I could see the excitement in Johnny's eyes and could also see the bulge in front of his pants. I too felt excited thinking about seeing that thing causing that big bulge.

We got to Johnny's house and went to his bedroom. Johnny was so nervous he was shaking. I sat on the edge of his bed looking at Johnny. He looked at me and then looked down at my skirt and asked me 'will you let me put my hand up your skirt real quick'? I told him 'yes'. Johnny walked over and gently ran his shaking hand up my skirt running it up my inner thigh all the way to my pussy telling me 'Oh Vicky. You feel so good'! His other hand was rubbing on his cock through his pants. Johnny then said 'are you ready to see it'? I said 'yes'. Johnny stood up and undid his pants and lowered them to the floor. There it was! Johnny was big and it was sticking almost straight up. Johnny wrapped his hand around it looking straight at me. My eyes were glued on his cock. I then asked him if I could touch it and he said yes. He took his hand off of it and I reached over and slowly wrapped my hand around it. He was so hard feeling. Johnny let out a moan sound when I did this. I then started to slowly stroke it and Johnny told me 'Oh Vicky. That feels so good. Please don't stop'. I continued and it wasn't long and Johnny started to thrust his hips and telling me 'Oh Vicky, Oh Vicky. It feels so good! I'm going to come. Oh Vicky'. He then turned a little and off he went. Rope after rope of his cum shot out and landed on the floor. I was amazed at how far it shot out. Next thing Johnny had to sit down a minute. The cum was now oozing from his cock. He got his breath back and got up to put his pants back on telling me how good that felt. He got a towel and wiped up the cum from the floor. Johnny then came over and asked if he could have one more feel under my skirt. I told him yes and he again explored my thighs and pussy through my panties.

When he finished I got up and headed home. I went to my bed room as soon as I got home and brought myself to a terrific orgasm thinking about what I had just done and seen. This went on to be a regular after school thing with Johnny and I and Johnny started returning the favor on me. We thought about having intercourse many times but at least had enough control to resist this. Good thing there are other ways to get off and Johnny and I sure used it.



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