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Vietnamese Stress Relief Worked for Me

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This happened to me when I was 19 years old and I was in my first year at the university of Toronto. At the time, I lived at home with my parents about 2 hours outside of Toronto so going to U of T, I had to find a place I could stay during the school year. It was too expensive for me to live at rez or find a place of my own in the city so I ended up getting a room just off of spadina in the downtown core for $350 a month. The place belonged to a vietnamese couple in their mid 30's and they had a store on the main level and their house occupied the second level with me renting one of their rooms. For $350 a month it wasn't bad since I had my own bathroom and it was a quick transit ride to campus.

The Nguyen's were nice people and they were always busy working at the store. Phuong was small, about 5'2' 105 lbs with black hair, a very pretty face and a nice little body on her and Tran wasn't much bigger at about 5'7' 135lbs. They both spoke english yet he was much better and mainly talked, she was quiet and appeared very submissive to him and me at times as she would wash my clothes and even clean my room although I told her she didn't have too.

Being a horny 19 year old in the city, I never brought girls over as I thought it would be weird but I did have a a few good porn dvd's that I would throw in at night and keep myself busy. I fantasized about fucking phuong all the time as I imagined those sweet asian lips wrapped around my dick and I would usually end up blowing my load thinking about her as she slept 10 feet down the hall from me. I was white guy, 5'10', 175lbs with a decent 7' cut cock, that I trim to make it look even bigger!!, and I always imagined her small vietnamese body riding my cock. Of course it never happened nor probably would it happen but that is what fantasies are for right!!

It was exam month in June and the place did not have working air conditioning so it was always a scorcher in the apartment. I would do my studying at the school and sometimes return late at night they were asleep. I remember it was a wednesday night around 1am when I returned since I didn't have classes the next day. It felt like 120 degrees inside as I slowly closed the front door not to wake anyone. I tip toed down the hall and noticed the bathroom light on. As I passed their bedroom, I notice the door was half open and I peaked in and saw Phuong lying naked on the top of the sheets. Her beautiful tanned skin was shiny with sweat and her pussy was trimmed but still covered with dark hair. Her tits were small but perfect for her small body. I paused for a second and I wasn't sure if she was awake or not as there was only a dim light from the street shining on her body. She rolled over to the side and I saw her ass. Just then the toilet flushed and I made my way quickly to my room as Tran made his way back to bed and I heard the bedroom door close.

I don't have to tell you what I did once I got back to my room (shot my load in about 2 minutes!!) but I'll tell you how I got caught the next morning...

It was about 10am on the Thursday and Tran was down working in the store. I was just waking up from the best night of my life and still rock hard thinking about what I saw. I guess with the heat and vision in my head, I yanked off my underwear and sat down on my bean bag chair I grabbed my lotion and some tissues and decided I was gonna jerk off again as I thought about Phuong's naked body. It was hot, I was completely naked, legs spread open and my body was dripping with sweat as I sat on my bean bag ready to stroke. I squirted a big glob of lotion onto my cock and started to work it in as I pictured Phuong naked. I imagined her in front of me moaning and playing with her sweet asian pussy as I started to speed up my stroke. My left hand was flat against my body holding the base of my cock tight as I stroked the length of my cock with my right hand. My balls were slapping against my thigh as I knew I was ready to shoot my cum at any moment.

Well I don't know if Phuong was listening at the door or what but just as I started to moan, my door opened and she walked right in on me!! There I was sprawled out on the bean bag chair buck naked, covered in sweat and lotion with a raging boner seconds away from exploding all over myself and I had nothing around me to cover myself. She walked several feet into my room before reality hit her and she realized what she had just walked in on. I looked at her as she stood over me with this look of shock on her face, her mouth hung open and she glanced from my face and then down to my dick which I was still holding erect as it pointed up at the ceiling. I felt a twitch and suddenly my cock erupted right then without me even moving my hand and the first shot of cum flew into the air and landed on my chest. My natural reaction was to stroke faster which I did as I shot about 8 or 9 solid streams of cum which landed on my stomach on my hands. Phuong stood there frozen, and just watched as I emptied my balls right there in front of her. She didn't move, she didn't say anything, her mouth and eyes were wide open as she couldn't believe what she just witnessed as she stood about 3 feet away from me. As I sat their helpless and outta breath, she just kept repeating 'sorry, sorry' as she backed out of the room, the whole time just staring at my dick and the mess I just made.

She closed the door and I got up quickly and grabbed a towel from my closet and cleaned myself up. I got changed and was super embarrassed and wasn't sure what was going to happen because I thought she may go tell Tran what I was doing and they would kick me out. I was red in the face and went to apologize to Phuong who was in the laundry room. I walked in and said I was very very sorry and that I thought my door was locked. I said that if she wanted me to move out I would as soon as possible. Phoung was also embarrassed as she as red in the face and as she continued folding clothes and didn't look at me, with a thick vietnamese accent she said she thought I was at school today so she was coming into my room to get my dirty clothes to wash and it was her fault because she didn't knock.

We both continually tried to accept the blame for the incident just so we wouldn't be so embarrassed. I told her not to worry as I don't feel ashamed because I do it all the time as it helps relieve my stress from school. When I said that, she looked at me curious and said she didn't know that was good for stress. I kinda bullshitted her because I mainly did it because it felt awesome. I told her ya, it works great for me and I told her if she ever wanted to watch me again that she was more than welcome as I didn't mind and her being there even helped me relieve more stress (even though I meant cum!) She nodded and said that if she could help me relieve stress she would like too since she wanted me to get good marks at school. We agreed that once a week and before any big test or assignment, I would ask her to come into my room and watch me jerk off. I even talked her into taking off her clothes as well so we would both be naked as this would help me relieve my stress even better and she actually agreed. Once a week, she would come into my room when Tran was down working at the store, we would both get naked and she would sit beside me on my bed and watch me lube up my dick and jerk off until I shot my load all over myself as I looked at her nude body beside me. After I was done, I would relax as she cleaned me up with a wet warm cloth. All those times, she never stroked my dick although she would touch it when she cleaned me up. Nothing else ever happened and Tran never found out I was jerking off with his wife beside me naked. She always said to me it will be our secret...which it was.

I stayed at the Nguyen's place for one more year before moving out into a house with some guys from school. Having jerked off in front of Phuong many times in that year, I kinda wonder if she really thought she was helping me relieve my stress or maybe she just enjoyed watching me jerk off but didn't want to say it...either way, I gotta say my marks were great that year!



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