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Video Store Exposure

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I really enjoy this site so much. Reading all the stories and knowing that people are reading my stories is so hot. I cum all over myself while masturbating and reading them. I have only seen a few stories about men exposing themselves to women while they jackoff, but I know there are a lot of men that do it. I have done it all of my adult life.
There is this video store that I go to all the time that this young girl (about 16) works at. Her name is Betty and she likes to see my cock. I have exposed myself to her many times and she always ask me to please come back and see her soon. I only let her see part of my cock sticking out of my shorts. She has never seen me butt naked before, but many other women have. I go into the adult video section and I'll rub my cock and cum right in my shorts. When I checkout she will make a point of looking at my obvious wet spot and ask if I found everything I was looking for. She always ask me to let her how I like them and says she thinks it would be fun to be in one of those movies. I know she is just teasing me, but I love it. She is the sweetest thing you could imagine and so friendly to this dirty old man.
I have these spandex shorts that I wear that are so thin they are almost transparent. I put on my cock ring and get myself real hard so my cock and balls are really standing out and I go into the store. My cock is over to one side straining against the fabric and my balls are trying to push their way out the front. My cock head is so swollen it is perfectly outlined against the material and precum has wet a spot right where my pee hole is and that makes it like a wet tee shirt. The whole end of my cock completely visible. And if you were behind me you could clearly see the crack of my ass through the stretched material. I love exposing myself and Betty is so receptive to it.
I was in there, one Saturday morning, and Betty and I were just standing around the action section talking. She would make a point to look at my cock as often as possible. Almost to the point of staring. I have asked her many times if she likes looking at my cock but she always ignores my question and acts as if she didn't hear me and I don't push it. I don't want to fuck up a good thing. As we were standing there talking this woman walked in to return some videos. She walked over to where we were standing and was handing the videos to Betty when she looked down and saw my cock trying to push it's way out of my shorts. She just fumbled some words when Betty asked her if she had enjoyed them as she kept looking down at my cock. Betty uncovered a porn video the young woman was trying to hide and asked her if she had liked that one. She said it was fine but seemed a little unreal but she liked how big the guys were. She still had her eyes glued on my cock while trying to talk to Betty. Betty said my name was Jack and that I came in the store all the time. The young woman said., ' I bet he does'. She was young, beautiful and quick witted.
I have never cum without touching myself before, but I knew I was about to. As Betty and this other young woman were talking and both taking longer looks at my cock I started to cum. There was so much of it that it was seeping through my thin shorts and dripping onto the floor and running down my leg. Betty asked me if everything was O.K. I could only mutter something that was not coherent. The woman that was returning the videos had a very surprised look on her face as she couldn't take her eyes off my cuming cock but coolly said, 'you must have just seen this one too', referring to the adult video she had handed Betty. I could barely talk but started to apologize for the accident that I had had. The young women said that was the best compliment any man had ever given her. For me to have an orgasm from just having her look at me was unbelievable. She was standing there talking to me as if nothing had happened and I had cum running all down my leg and dripping onto the floor. She said she had to go and turned and walked out. At the door she turned and said, 'I'll cum again' giggled and left. I would have love to have been completely naked in front of Betty and this complete stranger with them both fully clothed. Betty said she would get me a rag to clean up with and I told her I was so sorry. She said not to be, that it was natural and she had really enjoyed seeing me do that. She said she had never seen a man do that before and that she would like to see it again.



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