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I have an old ventriloquist dummy, who for several years sat in my room collecting dust. One day I came home from school to an emtpy house. My pussy was practically quivering I was so horny. Always looking for something fun and creative to get off with, I trooped up to my room to explore. After several minutes of searching with no luck, I turned to my dresser, where Dennis (the dummy) sat. Horny out of my mind, I picked him right up and gave his face a good washing. I laid him down on my floor, stripped down to nothing but panties, and lowered myself onto my knees. At first, I rubbed my covered pussy up and down his body, feeling the tingling sensation in my cunt as my clit caught the ruffled fabric of his jacket. Juices were already running down my thighs at the thought of what I was doing, and the crotch of my panties was soaked. It felt good, and I was only teasing myself, but I still wanted more, so I scooched up to his face.

Still on my hands and knees, I began to lightly grind myself against his face. I moaned as my clit snagged his pointy nose, and began to circle his nose with my soaked pussy. When I rubbed against his mouth, it opened against my cunt, but the sensations were dulled because of the panties.

Needing still more, I stood up quickly and freed myself from the underwear. Seductively, I lowered myself back down to him, and again started to slowly drag my soaking wet pussy up and down his face. The sensations were amazing as his nose poked and prodded my clit, and my cunt slopped against his face. By now, I'm moaning loudly, turned on by riding the dolls face.

I began to grind harder, his nose abusing my sensitive clit. My cunt was against his mouth, and it opened and closed as I rode it's face. I imagined the dummy eating me out, and I began to talk dirty to it. 'You like that? You like it when I ride your face with my dripping wet pussy? Yeah, lick my cunt, deeper, oh! Eat me out, eat your slutty whore out!'

By now I was bouncing up and down pretty hard, feeling a huge orgasm about to build. The fabric from his clothes were rubbing and stretching my ass, and I sat straight up and squeezed my aching tits with my hands, pinching and rolling my hard nipples, still rolling on his face. The squelching sounds from my wet pussy on his face were driving me insane, and before long, my poor clit felt electric, and my cunt like it was on fire. I reached back and slapped my ass, moaning and gasping. Pleasure ran up and down my cunt, and I felt my muscles in my legs tighten. I fell onto my hands again, and ground my pussy as hard into his face as I could, screaming as a huge orgasm rocked through me. I kept going anyway with the rocking, and soon another orgasm ripped through me. I finally felt my clit get too sensitive, and I rolled off the dummy. I could barely move for a couple of minutes. I've found my new favorite sex toy! Maybe I should buy him a strap-on!



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