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Vegas With In-laws

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Another meeting with my sister in law. I learned A LOT about her in Vegas


Attached is a link to my previous story, the first time my sister-in-law and I ever messed around.

Two years went by since our first mutual masturbation session, and there was never a sober word about it between me and Krissy. We got together one night in Florida, and watched each other masturbate while our significant others lay right next to us. Two years after this amazing session, I'm married to Krissy's sister Brandy, and Krissy is married to her boyfriend Jim.

It was a very memorable moment for me, and I hoped it was for her... but I never wanted to bring it up, mainly because if Brandy or Jim found out about it... we'd be dead.

While I was terrified of anyone finding out, I was desperate to try again. The thrill was intoxicating, as was the beauty of my sister-in-law.

When we were at parties, and the drinks would begin to flow, and everyone was dancing around, I would often grab Krissy's ass, and try to sneak a kiss... but she would quickly shut me down. After about two or three times of trying to re-create the magic, and being swiftly shut down... I gave up.

I had accepted that it was a one time, crazy moment and that it wouldn't happen again. And truly, I am so happy with my wife, that I was being crazy for even trying to mess with her sister again.

The four of us went on a trip to Las Vegas, and shared a room. We all get along great, have no problem sharing space, and wanted to save money. After a long night of gambling, we all ended up back in the room... we were all Jet Lagged and ready to pass out.

I woke up to some noise outside of our room, and was having trouble falling back to sleep. Krissy must have also heard the noise, as she got up from her bed, and walked into the bathroom. She was wearing an oversized mickey mouse sleep shirt, her hair was completely messed up, and her make up was all over her face. She looked like death warmed over. I heard her pee, the flush, the water ran for her to wash her hands... then silence. She emerged from the bathroom totally naked.

My eyes caught a glimpse of her glorious body as she strutted past my bed, she didn't return to bed with her husband, she went and sat on the couch, on the other side of the hotel room. She just sat there, playing on her iphone.

I immediately sat up, and quietly went over to the couch and sat next to her. Without saying a word, she showed me her phone. It was a picture of her naked and masturbating, she slid to the next picture and it was her playing with Jim's penis. After three more of her playing with Jim, there was an amazing picture of her playing with two penises. Finally a picture of her covered in the cum from both of these men.

She put the phone away, and without a word slid my boxer briefs off, and took my penis into her hand. She squeezed it slowly, pinching the tip, and sliding her hand back down the shaft with it going between her index and middle fingers. She continued this technique. Between strokes she would point my cock towards her face and mouth the words 'shoot it here' and then keep stroking.

She then took her middle finger and put it under my balls to play with my taint. She then slowly slid her finger past the taint, to play with the outside of my asshole. I tapped her on the right shoulder, mouthing the words, 'now' I couldn't hold out any longer, I was ready to blow.

She grabbed my cock, slid her finger slightly deeper into my asshole and my load was about to shoot, and at the last second she turned my cock onto me. I shot a gigantic wad all over my chest, with some of it actually getting on my face.

She milked it till it was dry, her hands were covered in my cum. She then lifted her hands to my mouth, and made me lick my own cum off of them.

She then stood up, and whispered something in my ear, that I can't remember. Something about how she was in charge.

She put her sleep shirt back on, and went back to bed...

I don't know when the next experience like this will happen. I know one thing, it will happen when she makes it happen.

And when it happens, I will share with the Solo Touch world.



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