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Valentines and Arrows!

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Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy in every way!


Ahhhh! The thrill of touching my wife's fuzzy Valentine! My arrow firmed up quickly! We both awakened before the alarm rang and held each other for a while. I loved it. Having been married over 48 years, I've told her many times I will never tire of seeing her, hearing her, and touching her by kissing, hugging, stroking, squeezing, loving, caressing, fondling, and playing with her. I love the feel of her fantastically smooth skin, her marvelously soft flesh, her amazing warmth, her delightful curves, and her beautiful figure. Yes, a tad bit saggy in paces, but she's mine! All mine! It was still dark when I told her I loved her fuzzy valentine! Soft, auburn fuzzies, trimmed short enough that I can see her slit and long enough that her fuzzies tickle my lips! As I was holding 'my' fuzzy valentine and she was holding my arrow, 'he' started to wilt. So I commented that 'he' knows he's not going to be visiting her valentine and she replied, 'Not now.'

Now don't feel sorry for me. I commited my love to her nearly half a century ago and I will stay committed. She's mine and I'm hers. My arrow is HERS whenever she chooses to play with 'him' and her fuzzy valentine is MINE whenever she lets me play with 'her.' I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm not much for cards with sweet sayings that someone else composed, so compose my own with compliments the way I want to say them, even though not so mushy and fancied up with flowered drawings or pictures.

She's mine and I'm hers as our Creator intended for marriage to be. The pleasure I derive from togetherness, even though not together with my arrow in her valentine, is always comforting, whether reading together, playing games together, hugging, kissing, stroking, fondling, caressing is always special. She's the one the Good Lord gave me and I'll cherish her all my days.

Yes, I'd like to touch her naked body more often, much more often. She prefers to wear panties and a T-shirt at night, but last night was an exception because she'd had a bath before going to bed. I found out when I awakened and felt her bare bottom. Ahhh! so smooth, so curvy, so soft, so warm! I've slept nude for 20 to 30 years so I'm always available to her, and so I can play with my arrow to tease him in the middle of the night if I awaken. My wife is mine to hold and cherish and I'm hers to hold and cherish. Having grown up in a loving home, I have never laid an unloving hand on her and never will. She's the love of my life.

She's told me not to make her feel responsible for my orgasms so I 'take matters into my own hands' and 'work it out by hand' when I need to, usually not in her presence because she seems not to care about sex any more. I wish she did, but I respect her wishes because I was taught respect by my parents. I read Solo F,. FM. MF, and M, no MM, when she's away from home or watching TV in the other room. I've almost been caught reading Solo stories several times, but don't want to because she says about junk mail that advertises male enhancement including pictures of engorged cocks, 'I don't want that garbage in my house!' We both grew up in conservative homes a state away from each other and didn't meet till in school. To me she was the prettiest gal on campus and still is the most beautiful woman in a whole room full of people.

She's MY Valentine and I love her soft breasts and fuzzy valentine, my fuzzy valentine. I even got to see my fuzzy valentine this morning when she combed her hair by the mirror and her T-shirt pulled up! Ohhhh, what a delight! I told her recently, Saturday in fact, that I could love her all day and it would be the shortest day of my life. Time to submit and read a few Solo Touch stories to get my arrow ready to shoot! Porno does nothing for me because I can't touch. Solo Touch stories put me into the middle of the action so my mind is involved in the action. Gals, enjoy your valentine! Guys, if you're married, which I recommend for reasons of not needing to fear disease and pregnancy out of wedlock, enjoy her valentine to you whether shaved or fuzzy. Give her time to let her excitement build up so she knows you really love her enough to allow her plenty of time to climax, maybe several times! Happy valentines and happy arrows to all! RC

PS I like to 'trace' my wife's valentine with my fingers, going round and round and across. I also like to 'trace' a much larger valentine by sliding my fingers up and over each of her breasts, dipping down in the middle, and then returning to her fuzzy valentine, again and again up and around and back down. Her whole body is a big valentine, my valentine! Much more than just a card, her smooth, soft, warm, curvy body is personal, intimate, and all mine! rc



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