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Vacation Shower Time

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Not gay at all. It just made me hard.


I was vacationing in Florida and would work out daily just like at home. The gym was pretty empty and so was the locker room.

One morning after my workout I went into shower thinking the room was empty. I stripped down and made my way down the hall with just my towel. The shower room was just one big room with shower heads sticking out so you could see everything.

As I got closer to the shower room I noticed a young guy standing at the mirror outside the shower room area. He was taking note of his full out erection in the mirror. I did not make a noise with bare feet so he did not hear me until I was almost beside him. He jumped and said oh I'm sorry I thought nobody was in here. I said it's ok that's what happens to us so early in the morning. He slightly laughed and made his way to the showers. I could not believe that I was also now getting an erection from what I just saw. I have no sexual thoughts about guys at all but for some reason this was making me hard.

Within about 30 seconds I too had a full erection and it could not be hidden. The young man said to me jokingly, I see what you mean about mornings, it's not just me.

I laughed and started to soap up my body as he did the same. After a bit of small talk we both still had huge hard cocks and I noticed he was soaping his a bit more than a normal wash would be. He then out of the blue just said to me, do you mind if I take care of this holding his cock and I said ok because I did not know what else I could say.

He then started to slowly stroke his cock right in front of me. I thought about what somebody would think if they came in and saw me with a huge hard-on while he was masturbating. He then turned sideways to show me full view how he was stroking his cock and I could not take it any longer. I did not say a word and soaped my cock and started to jerk off like he was.

I could not believe I was so hard and turned on from watching this guy masturbating with me doing the same. I kept stroking away for only about a minute and then I felt it coming on. As I felt the cum building up the young man let out a hard breath and shot long loads of cum onto the floor. It was so great to see that as I was building my own cum load and then it came. I turned toward him and shot my load of cum not even giving a thought about sombody walking in.

Luckily nobody came in and we both finished our morning jerk-off together without a problem.

As we both caught our breath we started rinsing our cum down the drain at the same time. I joked about the reason for showers and hard-ons at the same time and he laughed. We then both dried off and went back to dress. As we dressed I said that I had not done that in front of anybody since I was in my teens. He said he had done it with friends in the past but nothing more than jerking together for fun.

That was that and I went on to finish the last few days of my vacation with my wife. I wanted to tell her about it but I didn't. I think she would be turned on hearing about it though. She likes to see and hear about guys masturbating and gets off watching cum shots.



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