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Vacation at the Cabin

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I never thought I'd be writing a story for this site, but finally the situation was right and now I've got a true story with a happy ending to tell all the world about.
Each summer my family goes to a cabin in Michigan for a week. Another family occupies the cabin next to ours while we're there (they are rentals, a week at a time I believe). Anyway, they have two kids, a boy my age and a younger sister. I'm 16 and an only child. Without the other kids there, it would be a really boring week, so we all had become really good friends thanks to our annual vacations at the cabins.
Like I said 'Rick' is 16 this year, and I have gradually become aware as the spring turned into summer that I was really looking forward to seeing him in July. I have been beating off for about 3 years, but this year there has been a change: Rick always plays a part in my J/O fantasies. Yes I've come to discover that I am gay and have the largest crush on my friend Rick! There's no denying it; I only hoped the week's vacation would come and go without any terrible scenes- I didn't want to 'come out' to him for fear of rejection, yet on the other hand I knew I would be torturing myself if I did nothing. Lets just say I was a bundle of nerves when the vacation got started on July 5.
So nervous, in fact, that I barely said two words to him for the first couple days. My dad and I rented a boat, and got in a little fishing, and in the evenings I made the excuse I was tired from getting up so early to go fishing. In reality I was jacking myself to orgasm each evening thinking about Rick and devising a plan to be near him, but still fearing rejection. Finally, Rick caught up with me on Monday July 7, and invited me over to their cabin that evening since his parents and sister had gone into town for the evening.
That evening after dinner I walked over to Rick's cabin, and he met me at the door. His shirt was off, and I could tell he'd been at the beach since he was rather tan. All he had on was a pair of baggy basketball shorts. He didn't have any chest hair, but his arms and legs were covered in fine, downy blond hair. I could feel my boner growing, and I had to walk a little funny to keep it from being obvious! I had a feeling that tonight there would be no turning back; either I came out to him or else I went home sad and in silence.
We had hours of talking to get ourselves caught up with events over the last year; school, girls, cars, sports, all in no particular order. We sat on the steps by the back deck since it was cool and pleasant there. More than once, Rick got up and when he sat back down he was conspicuously closer to me. My erection returned and was bigger than ever. If the evening ended right now and I had to walk home with this package in my shorts I know I would have been discovered by anyone who saw me. As it was, it was awkward enough sitting there right next to the very guy who was causing such a level of excitement.
Finally I felt as though I was going to burst, and decided to pull the trigger, so to speak. 'Dude, I've got the biggest boner', I announced. 'So do I, and its because of you!' returned Rick. Were my ears deceiving me? Was Rick as interested in me as I was in him? 'We'd better do something about this then'... I can't even remember who said this. In less than a minute, we were sitting on Rick's bed, dressed only in our briefs. We both were grabbing each other's erections, and feeling them through the white fabric. I collapsed backwards on the bed, content just to beat my own meat in Rick's presence. But of course Rick would have none of that! He ripped off my briefs, and began jerking me off by hand 'You have no idea how much I've been wanting to do this' said Rick. I winked and said 'Me too!!'. Rick went down on me and began sucking, and I let out a moan. I'd never been sucked before. I felt myself about to come, and Rick may have sensed it also because he raised his head and looked at me. A single elastic thread of pre-cum connected my throbbing dick with his lips, glistening in the dim light of the cabin's bedroom. The thread broke, and the little drop landed on Rick's chin.
That was enough! I shot forth several strong volleys of white cream; when Rick realized what was happening he went back down on me and began to lap up the cum as fast as it spurted out of my dick. He wound up with it all over his mouth, chin, and nose. Next we switched positions, so I could suck him. Thanks to all the excitement he was rock hard and ready to explode. I felt him tense up and then my mouth filled with hot, gooey sperm. I never knew a guy could ejaculate so much fluid, but he later confessed he hadn't beat off for weeks in preparation for our little get-together. I swallowed as much as I could, but a long trail of cum dribbled out of the corner of my mouth and down my neck to my chest.
There you have it. We cleaned each other off, because it was late and his parents would be home any minute. But it was the start of a great week, as we sucked each other off every night for the rest of the vacation!



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