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I woke up with a raging, throbbing hardon. The kind where your dick twitches on its own, and you can't control it, so it keeps rubbing itself against your sheets, arousing it even more, and then precumming, causing a wetspot to form.

I slide the sheets carefully off and expose my naked body. I have a patch of curly chesthair in the center of my chest, which I trim, and short curls of hair around each nipple. I have a few scragglers on the way down my body, which gather into a nice happy trail, starting above my naval, and spreading thickly to my pubes, and inner thighs, tapering off to about midthigh. I also trim my body hair, but I like the feeling of it while I'm jerking off, or fucking someone, when they brush against it...

I slide my hands over my body, slowly making my way down to my seven and 3/4 inch dick, which is staring right at me (every inch counts, and I'm actually told I have the perfect sized dick. It hits the spot, and doesn't get too far.) I slowly play with the head, oozing precum, and swirl my fingers around the veiny shaft, which is throbbing, down to the hard base, feeling my balls tucked high against my groin. I moan softly as I tug at them. I arch my back and turn slightly to my left, feeling the draft from the open window, whisp across my body hair, enticing my hardon to throb even more. I slide to the edge of the bed, arching into the open air, and taking hold of my dick with my right hand, I start to thrust at the hips, lubing up with my own precum, feeling my body temperature rising.

I jerk off for a few minutes, and then relax against my bed, I look over my body, studying the lines and hair, the goosebumps, hard nipples, even my tanline at the waist. I think about a girl, London, working her hands and lips over my stomach and dick. She loves playing with it, and running her hands over my body.

I feel my dick throb again, and I slowly get out of bed. I go over to the vanity by the bathroom, and lean against it, slowly squatting, until my balls are resting on the cool granite top. I slowly start jerking off again, watching in the mirror, the way my abs protrude as I breathe in and out, the way my right pectoral moves up and down, while I jerk off. The way it feels when I work my dick up and down, feeling my hand slide against the mass of trimmed pubes surrounding my manhood. I watch myself in the mirror for a few minutes when I feel it rising up. I keep going, and just at the very last second, I let go, and let my body slide down, pressing my balls tight against the cool granite top. I grab my nipples with my fingertips, and watch as I spray cum against the mirror, literally, spraying. Then I shoot a couple of wads, and then ooze out a bit after I catch my breath. I watch my dick bobbing up and down, releasing more cum slowly out of the head. I let go of my nipples, and wrap my hand around the base, loosely at first, then tighter, as I slide it up the shaft. Forcing more cum to ooze out.

I stand up, leaving my cum all over the vanity, and walk into the bathroom, slipping on the switch. I watch myself in the wrap around mirror, as I walk to turn on the shower. I turn for a second, seeing my glutts in the mirro, dark hair protruding from the crack, and spreading out the top and bottom. I step in, allowing the soft water from above my head, rain down over me. I lather up with soap, and work over all of myself. I get semi hard, and slide my soapy hand over my dick. It wasn't fully erect, but I quickly came to another orgasm, and shot a couple of wads of cum into the misty air around me. I finish showering, and walk out into my room, smelling cum in the air. I'm dripping wet, as I lay back on the bed, feeling the breeze from the open window whisp across my body, dark, wet hair against every muscle and line. I close my eyes and relax my mind, a familiar tingle runs down my body, and I arch my back in anticipation.



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