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Urge to Watch, Part 4

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Inhibitions fall away...


After a summer of jacking together, Rob and I went to separate colleges, and both got involved with girlfriends. The next summer, we got together a couple of times, but the thrill wasn't the same. One week his girlfriend came to visit, and we had dinner together, and we got along very well, the three of us.
A couple of days later, I was invited again. I didn't know it, but Rob had told Carol about my shyness, and they had decided to get us all jacking together. So on the night before Carol left, Carol cooked a delicious meal and they made me feel really comfortable and safe and friendly--and kind of drunk, too.
After a long while, the conversation turned toward sex, and we talked about what body parts turned us on. I just love breasts and pink nipples, and when we talked about that, I saw Carol's nipples tighten under her top and got an immediate hard-on.
Then Carol said, 'Since I met Rob, I really get off masturbating together with a man.' I got the usual frog in my throat, but she went on talking about it. Then she told me that she knew that Rob and I used to play together, and she said she was really jealous when she heard about it. She was flushed and red. She'd never seen another guy masturbate other than Rob, but she said she had really hot fantasies about the two of us since she first heard.
I was really embarassed, she was too. I could see where we were heading, but I was paralysed and couldn't think or speak. Finally I croaked I'd never seen a girl masturbate, either. She asked if we would do it together. I said I'd really like to, but I was probably too nervous.
Then Rob stepped in and suggested we all play a game of strip poker to get comfortable, and pretty quickly we agreed. Since we were all eager for the end of the game, because we knew it would be the beginning of some hot stuff, every piece of clothing that came off gladly given up.
I got into it. We'd forgotten to pick a 'penalty' for the 'loser' but when we remembered, we all said we didn't care, we just wanted to get on with it. I got over-eager: after a few losing hands, instead of taking off a sock or something, I took off my pants, revealing my big hard-on under my briefs. Carol got in the spirit, and pulled her blouse up over her breasts even before she lost a hand.
We made a rule of no touching--ourselves or others--until someone lost, and that only made us hotter.
Eventually, I 'lost' and Carol came up with a 'penalty'--I had to be blindfolded, hands tied, for the rest of the game. I submitted, and sat in the circle with a huge erection. Carol and Rob played on, and now and then they caressed my cock to keep me excited-Carol's hand was exquisitely soft. Once she rubbed her nipples past my lips, and when she gave up her panties (before her skirt) she pulled them over my face.
Rob lost next, and Carol declared that as the winner, we had to do what she said. She ruled that Rob also would be blindfolded, and she told us to both lie on our backs and masturbate for her. 'Slowly,' she said, 'take a long time, guys.'
We began and we did take a very long time. Carol walked around, watching and touching and even sitting on my stomach and rubbing her wetness on me. She was obviously having the time of her life! I lost track of what she was doing, something with Rob, until she pulled my blindfold off.
The first thing I saw was Rob's dick in her mouth. We were lying next to each other, and Carol was watching my dick as she sucked. I wanted to cum sooo bad! After just a few strokes, I squirted all over myself, and in a few moments, Rob came too. Carol sat back and spread her legs wide while she finished herself off with her fingers.
We went to the kitchen, naked, and dished out ice cream and went in and sat on the floor again, happy. After a little while I noticed Rob's erection returning, and mine began to swell again too. We sat in this circle, and gently traveled the velvet road to another deep climax together.
The next morning, Carol was gone. Rob and I both missed her, but not enough to keep us from having some hot sessions. We lost some inhibitions, and began to sit on the bed together naked, and jerk each other off. I got really into it, with my fascination for other men's sex, and Rob liked it too.
One night, at my drunken request, Rob tied my legs together, and my hands to my sides, and played with my prick and balls while he watched movies and fed me more wine, until finally he said 'get ready to cum'. My cock was red and almost painful. Instead of releasing my hands so I could masturbate, he bent over and took it in his mouth. I was so horny within seconds my cum was pumping. Then he asked me to masturbate him, which I did.
Then, one time, again I got drunk and took off all my clothes and danced a slow provocative dance in front of Rob while he stroked himself. And as I got turned on, I bent my legs, and slipped my finger into my tight ass and used it to rotate my hips a little. The dance lasted a long time, and ended us both shooting cum all over each other.
The summer ended, and we never returned to the same town again. Rob visited me a couple of times, and we were glad to see each other, but we were kind of awkward about sex. Eventually, Rob and I ended up in different states, and we're both married. We continue to write as good friends.
I'm very grateful to Rob for opening my secret life. I know that just like me when Rob is alone in his bed, or sometimes with his wife, the great feelings of sharing our manhood together come flooding back, and end in a wild and uncontrolled orgasm!



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