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Up at the Cabin Alone

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i changed the names, but it is still a great story


Well this happen to me when i was 14 years old. my parents would take me, my brother, was 19 at the time, and one friend up to a cabin in upper michgan. it was a nice cabin with 3 bedrooms,1 bathroom and right on the lake. there was not another house for miles. So one day my parents left to go visit some old friends they had up here and they would say over night there too. So my brother was incharge of us. so at like 6 pm he went out for a hike and go for a swim. So it was just me and my friend, fred, alone. we just went out for a swim. it was gettin cold out so we both ran inside to warm up. We both also want to take a nice hot shower, so we both ran it the bathroom, it was a big bathroom with tile room with 2 shower heads in it. we didnt really want to take a shower to get her,but we were so cold. so i said fine i dont care a striped and ran into the shower, fred did the same and followed. we started out all quit and then fred asked if he could just look at my penis. i said ok if i could look at his. we both had a little bit of hair and about 5-6 inch penis. then after a min of just lookin at each other, fred asked can i touch it and i said if i can touch yours. Now u have to know that most 14 year olds have been jackin off by the age of 12, so i knew what i was doin down there and so did he. So we both sat down with the shower still goin and started to slowly jerk each other. i have never done this before but it was great all the same. we both had hard ons and closed our eyes to just feel it. then all of asuden we hear a 'what the!!!!' It was my borther stand in the door way lookin and us strokin each other. Now he came back from his hike went for a dip and then went back inside and now was goin to take a shower too to warm up. So he was standin there naked to. i have never seen him naked before to, oh way his name is Rob. He was strong, with a lot of hair around his penis and butt. His penis was about 8 inches long and with big balls. me and fred just sat there not know what to say. he asked us if we did this alot and we no, this is our frist time. again a long wait. then rob said oh what the hell and sat done next to me and started to stroke his penis. He told us that he did this alot when he was our age and that is was goin to jerk off in the shower tonight to. after 3 mins of just strokin and talkin, rob sat in front of my and fred and started to jack us off.it felt great. then 2 mins later i blowed all over and got some cum and rob chest and his hair around his penis. just after i blew , fred blew and shot some on rob face. This must have really turned him on. He then asked us if we could do him a favor. and we said hell yeah. so he laided down on his back and let us jerk him off. i rubed the penis and fred touch the balls and rob's ass. then rob yelled out suck. so that is what we did. i sucked his penis and fred sucked the balls. rob told my to laid and his chest so my penis would be on his neck. Rob then began to feel and balls and my ass it felt to good. ROb yelled out and i stop and back off and fred got cumed in the face. after that we all washed off and just laided naked around the house the rest of the night. that night fred feel asleep on the couch and me and rob went into me bedroom. we both went to bed nude and i feel asleep on top of rob with our penis touchin the whole night. in the morning we all jerked off again and then cleaned up befor my parent go back. That was the best camping trip ever. now fred moved away that summer and rob is off at college. when he comes home at night i sleep in his room and he jerks my off. AH good old brotherly love. (i am not gay, but you know what u do when you are young) we dont sleep together anymore , but once in a bit we jerk off together. well thats my story.



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