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Unusual Passion

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Appearances can be deceptive


In my late twenties I became friends with a young lady, let's call her Ann, who was 19. When she was in her early teens, she had attempted suicide, shooting herself in the abdomen. She didn't die, but the shot left her paralyzed from just above her hips down. No feeling below, at all.

She is a gorgeous girl. Ann is slender, very tiny waist, very small breasts, short brown hair, great face, etc. Very outgoing personality, fun to be with, and just a delight.

Anyway, the attempt to take her life was because of teen issues, parent issues, etc. She had never had a sexual relationship. The stress of her being paraplegic finally caused her to decide to move out of her mom's house and be on her own. When we first met, she was attending some life skills classes at a rehab center where they were teaching her basic living and even some relationship skills.

At first we were just good friends. She had her own apartment and I would help her with stuff she could not do because of being wheelchair bound. Things like moving furniture or replacing ceiling lights. Stuff like that. My job allowed me to be flexible in hours, so I could kind of run when she needed help-usually in the afternoon. She drove a car with hand controls and once in a while she'd need car repairs and I could help, other times I would have to ferry her from the auto shop to her house. She was quite self-sufficient, but there were things she needed help with.

One afternoon after I had helped her with some lighting repairs, she grabbed me and gave me this huge (and passionate) kiss. Prior to this time, I was just wanting to be helpful. After this, I began noticing her in a different way. So now when I'd help out, she'd repay me with a grand kiss, and the kisses became more and more passionate, to the point I was enjoying them and looking forward to them. One day she called and said she needed some help in the bathroom, and to just knock and come in.

Not expecting anything, I showed up, knocked and just went in. She hollerd that she was in the bathroom, and I could hear water running. Entering the bathroom, she sat completely naked, on her shower chair. Her invitation was to 'come on in, the water's fine.' Wanting to be helpful, I gladly obliged!! I'm still thinking she's this fragile girl that needs help because she was paraplegic. But here she was being somewhat aggressive and asking me to help wash her and we just had a great time playing in the shower.

Other than exploring, nothing happened in the shower other than me sucking on her tits and both of us getting very soapy and touching every part of each other's body. We're pretty waterlogged, so we get out and I help her get dry and into her chair. At this point, she confesses that during her rehab classes, one of the topics was relationships and human intimacy, and she just wanted to 'try things out.' Both of us still naked, retreated to her bedroom to 'try things out.'

She had NEVER seen a real live erect penis, had never had sex, had never been intimate, and here she was, in essence, telling me: 'Let's experiment.' Her first need was to just make me cum and explore male masturbation. That took us about 30 minutes to accomplish, with her asking questions and then trying it out. Then it was my turn to explore her. She had no feeling as I touched her pussy and explored. She had to use a catheter, so that was interesting to see coming out of her as well.

If I nibbled her wonderful tiny and perky breasts and ears and kissed, she became moist-but with no feelings. She could not feel my fingers in her at all, that was kind of freaky. Getting hard again, we tried regular sex, but it was not fun for her at all. So we went back to her bringing me to climax and me playing with her upper body. She thought it not possible for her to have an orgasm, but I think we came close as I teased her nipples and nibbled her ears. Even her back (which was very smooth and erotic) brought her sexual pleasure. After a while she had what we both think was an orgasm.

So we continued a very erotic relationship. I would continue to help her, but usually we wound up naked on her bed (it was easier for her than using the shower or living room floor or sofa). Each time she would bring me to climax and delight in the process. We would cuddle, explore, visit, and just have a very erotic time, but with no sexual intercourse.

One day she wanted to have me spend the night. She was very honest. She had a couple of friends that teased her that she'd never spent the night with a guy. So we did. What a fun time. We nibbled, cuddled, orgasmed, and just enjoyed. In the morning, we both continued the day naked. I cooked pancakes and we sat at the kitchen table, nude, and had breakfast. She even got a little bold and opened one of the living room curtains just in case someone was watching, so, she said, they could have a good show! It was a Saturday and we even did something I liked (besides sex) and watched football. We didn't watch much but I remember how turned on we both were. She made me cum several times that afternoon and I had her shaking with delight as well.

It was a very wild time and I became very attached to her and the wonderful times we had. We never really tired of each other, but one day she said she wanted to explore a lesbian relationship (something else she had never experienced). She had a friend who worked at the hospital who was lesbian and Ann wanted to try. As it turns out I met another girl and we got very serious. Ann and her friend thought their relatioship was meeting their needs and decided to live together. Many years later I saw Ann at a funeral and she was still happy in her relationship.

I was glad that her teen tragedy didn't result in her death. Her life was certainly not easy and she had a lot of emotional baggage that she had to deal with. I was very happy I was able to be part of her 'exploring' and allow her to explore her sexuality and also that she was able to settle into a satisfying relationship (sad that it wasn't me). I wish she could have found some counseling that might have prevented her attempting to take her life, and hope anyone reading this doesn't think life is not worth living. Ann was a survivor and she made the best of her challenges. She was one of the most erotic people I ever was around-very open, very honest, wanted to experience it all, and developed a great love for life. Those many afternoons still put a smile on my face!



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