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Unusual Medical Situation

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I work as a medical receptionist/secretary in a very small town on the East Coast. I am male, which is unusual, especially since the doctor is female. But, hey, in this economy, you take what you can get.

My doctor, like most in small towns, is wary of anything that could damage her reputation. So, occasionally, she'll have me come into the exam room as a witness, so no one can say she did anything 'irregular.' This usually happens when she has young men in for sports physicals. (Never with young women, since I'm male, after all.)

In general, these exams do nothing for me. In fact, I'm rather bored and want to get back to the office so I have something to do other than watch another routine exam.

However, one occasion was different. A young fellow who had just turned 18 came in, one of those kids who look younger than they are. I was asked to witness. I don't know why the parents couldn't be the witnesses, but I'm guessing the kid was embarrassed to be examined in front of them. The reason for this kid's exam was that there was concern he wasn't maturing properly, especially in the genital area. She started with a quick regular exam, checking pressure, blood sample, weight, feeling glands in the neck, you know, all the usual stuff.

She had brought a book into the room, opened to a page with a graph of several ovals of different sizes. The caption said 'Tanner Stages.'

Now here's where it gets interesting. She asked him to remove his pants, and I noticed that he had very little hair on his genitals. She then did the typical genital exam where she essentially massages his testicles to make sure there are no lumps. This is important with younger patients, because testicular cancer is somewhat common. At the same time, other harmless bumps are also common, so the doctor really needs to check. But for people over 40, she doesn't do that, evidently they are less prone to anything serious in that department. They seem to get rectal exams instead.

The kid boned up right away. No surprise, other than the speed with which it happened. I have noticed that many male patients, if they are in for a general exam, or are not worried about their condition, will become erect, at least a bit, during the genital or rectal exam.

Generally, the genital exam takes less than a minute. After feeling the testicles, she'll move on to the penis, feeling it all along it's length for irregularities, opening the peehole a bit to look for bacterial infection (I think), and then checking that the foreskin isn't too tight, or that the circumcision is normal.

But this time, she studied the Tanner Chart for a minute, then started feeling his balls in earnest. She seemed a bit, hmm, well, I dunno, sort of flustered, like she didn't usually examine young testicles in such detail and was a bit unsure of what to do. In fact, that was probably exactly the case. I'm guessing she's never had to do this before.

So there she was, feeling his balls for quite a long time, with both thumbs and three or four fingers of each hand, one hand on each ball, and staring at the Tanner chart in the book next to the patient.

He flinched a couple of times, and she said 'sorry,' evidently squeezing just a bit too hard on a sensitive area.

He stayed erect. Very erect in fact. I noticed that the head of his penis was stretched tight and shiny.

And then the next thing I know, he's ejaculating all over his stomach. She quickly explained to him, 'That's normal.' And went on to say that it was actually a good sign that his 'plumbing' is working properly.

He seemed rather embarrassed, but I think he'll live through it. In fact, the memory of it may give him some good masturbation fantasies for future jack-off sessions.

But what about me? Well, I can tell you, I was horned up like never before!

I always thought of myself as mostly female-oriented, only slightly bisexual. But that scene really got to me.

Later in the afternoon, when the doctor went out for lunch and no one was in the waiting room, I went into the restroom, jacked myself off, and came with one of the strongest orgasms in a long time.

Stay healthy, Me.



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