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Unplanned Fun

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It was the day after my 16th birthday, and I wasn't planning on doing much on a rainy boring day, and was just hanging out in my room playing computer games. I was thinking of taking a nap when I heard a knock on my bedroom door and much to my surprise my buddy (lets call him kody) came in my room. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I didn't have any plans and he was welcome to hang out with me for a while.

Let me also say that Kody is a great friend and he has been one of the only friends I feel like I can tell absolutely anything to. I'm a little shy when it comes to being naked or showering in front of people, but not when I was with him. It's probably because I know Kody would never make fun of me or try to make me feel bad, and I am just really comfortable around him. The only time we had actually seen each other naked up to that point was once when we went to a motel together and changed in a locker room. Anyway we started talking about sex and I could tell Kody was getting kind of excited by the way he was acting. It took me by complete surprise though when he touched my groin briefly. I sort of freaked out and asked him what the hell he was doing. He immediately became red in the face and apologized saying he was just playing. I felt kind of guilty for yelling at him and told him not to be sorry. It just kind of scared me since I had never done anything like that, especially with another boy. When he touched me the second time he did so more slowly and began to gently rub around my groin. I was very nervous, but I was for some odd reason enjoying it all the same. I gave him the nod and thats when he put his hand down my pants. After messing around with my penis and getting me hard he asked if he could take my boxers down. I was really embarrassed, but I let him. Kody is very attractive(and I'm not gay) he is kind of short but muscular with short spiked blond hair, blue eyes, and a toned muscular body. He could get about any girl he wants so I was suprised when he chose to mess around with me.

After he pulled my boxers down he asked me to take off my shirt and socks as to be completely naked. He just kind of stared at my body for what seemed like a long time. I was worried that he was going to laugh or make some joke, but he just gently rubbed my belly down to my groin and told me that I had a nice body and that I had nothing to be shy about. I could feel my face getting red, but it was at that moment that I think I knew that he really was my best friend and that I would probably never feel that close to anyone as I was to him. He began massaging my cock up and down very slowly. I couldn't help but moan slightly since it felt soooo great. He laid next to me and jerked me for about ten minutes before I felt myself about to explode. I told him to move his hand but he just kept going and pumped ropes of thick white boy juice on my stomach. I laid there in pure ecstasy while he ran his finger around the head of my cock using my jizz as a lube.

Then it was his turn. I got up (still naked) and told him to lay down on my bed. He was laying there with an obvious bulge sticking up in his pants. When I grabbed it through his pants I was stunned. He felt huge!!! I eagerly slid his pants and boxers down to his ankles and then off of his feet. He then took of his shirt to reveal an athletic looking toned stomach which I took great pleasure in rubbing. he really did look like a god with that soft little muscular body. His penis was uncircumsized too and about 2 inches bigger than mine (his was bout 7.5 in.)and his balls were suprisingly small but beautiful. I could tell he was nervous and a little shy about being seen naked, but I told him to relax and let me return the favor. I could feel him tense up and relax when I began to gently rub his balls and massage his penis, he eventually jacked thick ropes out onto my bed.

After that we lay down on my bed for a while and he rubbed my back and talked to me telling me that he felt more comfortable with me than anybody else. It was a great feeling to know that he felt the same way I did. Neither one of us are gay, but I am more close to that kid than I may ever be with anybody else. He spent the night with me that night and it was the first of many great nights we would have together.



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