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University Dorm

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Hmmm. Maybe more FFM in a perverse sort of way....

So, Cambridge...I won't name the college...and I was lucky enough to be given a room in the college...then,


'Who the fuck are you?'

I had opened the door to what I thought was 'my' room, to find a small black haired girl busily unpacking with her massive suitcase on the bed by the window.

'Uhh, I'm Emily. Hi'

'Yeah, well. I'm having this bed. OK?'

I could have cried on the spot. I was already feeling homesick and I looked forward to making my room here a little cozy home from home. I dumped my cases on the other bed and started to unpack.

I kept glancing over at the other girl, (I was to find out her name was Sara) She had tiny hipster black jeans on and a small black thong peeked out at the back underneath a tribal tattoo. She was in a large T shirt that was way too big and showed with complete clarity that she had no bra over her tight little tits.

One thing I knew. I hated this girl!

So, we unpacked in silence until when we were done I sat on the bed.

Sara sat opposite. 'Right. House rules. I masturbate a lot and I use toys. I make noise, and I love to cum. From time to time I fuck. Problem?'

Kinda...well, jealousy really. I didn't do any of that... not even masturbated. Yes, at 19, I had never had an orgasm. I did look in her open top drawer and saw her 'toys' A large pink cock shaped thing and something that was a little smaller, but was white and ribbed along it.

So, that night, lights off and I hear a buzzing. Followed by moans sighs and a long 'Ohhh FUUUCCKKKK'. Then I got the shock of my life. I was wet. REALLY wet. At first I thought my still irregualr periods had come in to wreck my first night away from home, but it wasn't blood. My fingers were slick, wet, and smelled kinda musky. But most of all, my clit was throbbing. I touched it and a jolt shot through me. Of course, I gasped. 'Go for it girl' Sara said in the darkness.

I touched it again and opened my legs under my quilt. DAMN this felt GOOD. I got into a little rhythm and was making little noises. 'Hey, wanna toy?' In that second I went through two totally opposite thoughts. 'You think I want to touch myself with something you've had in you?' and 'Shit that would be kinky' So I accepted her offer and she handed me a still warm AND moist vibrator. (It was the cock shaped one) I twiddled it on and touched myself with it. Then I pushed it gently against my hole and it slipped inside a little way. I guess my hymen tore years ago as I have been an avid gymnast and horse rider. There was no pain just a feeling of incredible fullness. Suddenly I wanted to pee so bad. Almost as soon as I got the feeling I knew I wouldn't make it to the bathroom and I tried to stop it coming. In the end, I couldn't and just had to piss. But I didn't. Instead I came for the first time in my life.

After that Sara and I became great friends. She shared what she called 'her boys', the vibrators, with me and in time, yes, we fooled around together. The first time was after a party. We came back to our room worse for wear and rubbed each other off.

But since then, well, obviously plastic cocks are no good for Sara. She needs the real thing. She never had a steady boyfriend. When she wanted to get laid, she just found someone to fuck her. It was then that I got my first feel and taste of sperm.

I came out of Uni with a first class degree in electronic engineering, a taste for licking other girls out, being peed on, AND peeing on someone, wearing another girl's used panties, and also fucking her boyfriend while she sits on my face.

I loved Uni.... never mind the degree... the social side was amazing. Now, I too have a tribal tattoo on my back, and three stars on my shoulder. One to celebrate each new thing with a boy. (Vagina, mouth and arse) But my clit piercing will always be to remind me of the lovely, pert, cheeky, sensuous, sexual, and, hey, plain dirty Sara.



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