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I didn't want to go to Uni - but I had to get away from my parents and their gloomy interpretation of "family" life and their religion. They often say "dim as a Toc H lamp", and that's what it felt like at home. Gloomy, restrictive, so I applied for a local Uni place and much to everyone's surprise, I got accepted. (I never did graduate - I spent two and a half years there exploring a quite different form of learning.)


A roommate? I mean, a ROOMMATE? They had got to be kidding! I was expecting my own room and therefore total control over my domain! SHIT! Sarah was 18, like me, but smaller build (size 8 - 10 at the most).

She was cute, chatty, and we got sorted very quickly. We both wanted the beds we ended up with, and we had no problem over cupboard space. That first afternoon and evening seemed to fly. Back in the room after the freshers' welcome from the Dean and a good piss up in the bar, we tumbled into our respective beds.

A few moments later, I heard a rhythmic sound. Difficult to describe until I realised it was the back of a hand on a sheet. Sarah was masturbating.

I lay there listening and soon she lost all sense of propriety and was moaning. Soon - on top of that - she was swearing out loud too! Then as both the pace of her hand and the frequency of her swearing increased she said "Cummmmmmmming... ohhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck."

Now, fair enough - we all need relief now and then, right? But Sarah jilled herself off FIVE times that night. The next morning she sheepishly explained that she needed to get herself off a lot, so maybe we better have some ground rules.

I suggested that ignoring each other was the way to go, but Sarah said, "Hell, you can join in if you like - heheheeh - you can even DO me if you like!"

It lead to a first term of mutual masturbation that quickly mutated into masturbating each other and from there into a full blown lesbian affair.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I got more than my fair share of cock, but most nights, Sarah (who turned out to be quite dominant) did me in ways I could never have imagined.

Over my two and a half years, I fucked a lot, and Sarah was only the first woman I had.

There was never a chance of me graduating - I really didn't care for it and my marks reflected my total lack of work. At one point, my tutor said "Unless you put some serious work in you are likely to only get a third - or even a pass degree." I learned NO-ONE fails! I considered fucking him and seeing what that would do to my grades - especially when I learned that he grades all my work and no-one really checks up on him. I know of at least two girls who got 2:1s like that - one didn't even come back to Uni for her third year - still graduated though!

I learned that I like, no, I LOVE sex in all its forms. Any time, any place, Any where, and with whoever I feel like. Young, old, male female.

My body - my rules, right?

Mum and dad? Well, they don't consider me their daughter any more. They talk about my brother as their "only child".

If only they knew what HE had done with me when we were both 15!



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