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Unexpected Show on the Train

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I'm bisexual but it's been a long time since I was with a girl - something I may have to remedy after this!


Last Sunday I was on a Trans-Pennine train home from visiting some friends. The train was fairly packed as the Sunday service only runs every hour or so, and I had trouble finding a seat. Eventually I found one next to a friendly-looking girl who moved her bags so that I could sit down. After apologising for the imposition (us Brits do love apologising) I got settled, skipped my iPod onto a good track and proceeded to ever-so-slightly nod off, lulled by the rhythm of the train as it clipped through the rainy countryside. I'd had a late night and a bit of a hangover, plus the station had been freezing cold and now I was warm and cosy.

Around half an hour into the journey, my attention was drawn back to the girl on my right. At first glance she looked to be asleep. The tray table on the back of the seat in front was folded down, but instead she had placed her large handbag on her lap. There was nothing strange about that alone, but what had alerted me was the very slight rhythmic nudge of her elbow against mine, and now, idly squinting across at her through my sleepy eyes, I followed her arm from the elbow, down to where her wrist disappeared under the handbag. Ahaa! It all made sense now, and I surveyed her with a new-found interest. At that angle her hand must have been lodged tightly between her generous but shapely thighs, her fingers working less and less discreetly on her pussy through her tight-fitting pinstriped trousers. The handbag began to rock with every movement, and I looked quickly around the train carriage to check that no one else had noticed. Everyone was either asleep or absorbed in books or conversation, so I felt safe to simply enjoy the gift that this unselfconscious stranger was giving me.

I took a risk and turned my head fully to get a good look at her face. She was a pretty, curvy black girl, maybe around 23 years old and fairly short; she was not lacking in the boob area and I was sure that when she stood up I would see that she had one of those mesmerising huge round bottoms that you just want to grab hold of (I was later proven right when we stood up to disembark and go our separate ways and I watched her make her way down the carriage).

The rubbing had been going on in short bursts for around ten minutes now. As I looked, I felt the train engine rev and judder and saw that my masturbating companion had felt it too-her closed eyelids flickered and her luscious lips opened in a silent gasp. This seemed to spur her to the final straight and she rubbed harder than before; to my delight I noticed her left leg shaking as I tried to psychically urge her to orgasm. My own pussy was starting to feel left out, swollen and slick, but it was too risky for me to join in as I had the aisle seat and was in full view of a prim-looking old lady (if it had been a guy there I probably would have just gone for it regardless, though there would have been an embarrassing clash of elbows as I'm right-handed and one of the few things I knew about my new buddy was that she was left-handed!). As suddenly as she had started, the girl tensed up one last time and then went limp, seeming to fall into a contented sleep.

I was a little disappointed that she never opened her eyes to see whether she'd been detected, so that I could give her the obligatory knowing grin... I don't think she could have been asleep through all that, and if I'd been in her place the first thing I'd do would be to see if anyone caught me, especially the person an inch away from my active elbow. This made me wonder whether she'd been squinting like me and had seen me watching, or had even started with the notion that I might like to watch. I ran through these possibilities in my mind not long after I got home, leaning against the bathroom wall with my favourite vibrator while I waited for the shower to warm up!

Anyway, Train Girl, wherever you might be, I would like to thank you for thoroughly brightening up my afternoon. Let this serve as encouragement for public masturbators everywhere-especially if you happen to be near a tall lass with long, dark hair, big boobs and a nose piercing, as that might just be me and I'd love to watch :)



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