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Unexpected Education

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All good things have to end sometime, but I'm milking this one for all it's worth. Three years and counting.


I was home from school on summer break. My summer job did not start for a week. My parents asked me to go to my aunt and uncles new house to help her clean out the carriage house. They had bought the house in an estate auction at a super price or so the story went. My uncle was an officer deployed in the Middle East; we tried to be as supportive of my Aunt as we could from 500 miles away.

It was their dream house. I soon found out it was not so dreamy. My Aunt Christy had lost her job about six months after they bought the house. It had tons of issues and because of being unemployed my aunt could not afford to have stuff fixed. She was looking to sell non-collectables that came with the cluttered carriage house.

Aunt Christy was desperate for money and she didn't dare tell her husband, not wanting to upset him when there was nothing he could do from the middle east, nor would she sell the antiques that came with the house, for fear of getting swindled. Her husband was an antique expert; if she got taken, she thought he would be pissed.

Christy was sharing how bad finances were, but told me not to tell my parents. My first inkling was the first night I arrived. We had home made soup and home made bread. The TV was disconnected they had no phone line or internet. There was only one light allowed on in any room and only when we were in the room. I was told there was no hot water, and though the house had air conditioning, it could not be turned on. After coming from school where: an air conditioned room, long hot showers, blazing internet, 200 channel cable, and video games on a wide TV was the norm, this was culture shock.

We went to bed at 9:00. I was woken early and told to join Christy for a run. With finals and stuff I hadn't gotten any exercise. A run sounded good, but at day break would not have been my choice. Christy's running outfit was really hot. I had rarely thought of her that way, she always seemed so much older then me growing up, but she was only ten years older than me and in retrospect she defiantly looked young enough to be in college. Between not getting my morning wank, and watching her run, I was in an embarrassing situation.

Christy did not help matters. After the run she asked if running always gives me a hard on. I admitted it was running behind her, not the running, which gave me a hard on. She blushed and said 'I'm sorry; I'll try to be more discreet'. I told her I rather she didn't. I enjoyed the show, as long as she didn't mind the hard on. I guess she took my comment to heart because her work outfit that day was a thin mussel shirt with no bra and some short cut off jeans that made my mouth water. Let me make it clear she is not my blood relative. Some might think that would make it hotter but, neither she nor I could deal with that.

We spent that day in sweltering heat, separating trash, from junk to be recycled, and stuff for her yard sale. Christy and I were talking about all kinds of stuff all day. She kept checking out my package and I her breasts and nipples. Our discussion got pretty personal by the end of the day. By the end of the day her nipples were like granite as was my pecker.

I was first to the shower. A cold shower did nothing to cool my need for release. I sat in the bathroom after shaving to take care of business. I guess Christy thought I was in my room when she walked into the bathroom; she walked in to catch me mid stroke. I looked at her and lost it, and boy did I loose it. Like never in my life all over the place. She did not move except rub her breast inside her house coat. She broke her trance and said 'I guess you needed that'. I apologized, but she said not to worry, the same thing was on her agenda after her shower. I asked if I could watch she said that probably would not be a good idea, as she shed her robe and stepped into the shower. I asked if she minded if I stayed while she showered, she suggested I take it to my room. So I did.

I slowly worked my pecker in the guest room with the door open. I had my eye on the bathroom. I hoped to catch another glimpse as she made her way to her room. She spent a long time in the bathroom. I was envisioning her cumming in there, and it was all I could do to hold off until I saw her coming out of the bathroom. She appeared in a short towel wrapped to her breasts, but left exposed her newly shaved pussy. She looked in as she passed and said 'thanks for fuelling her fantasy; she would be putting it to use right away'. I again asked if I could watch, but she said she didn't think I needed that to get off, and she would be inhibited, and that was something she did not need right now.

The last statement did not make sense to me at the time so I set about the matter at hand. It did not take much longer I think I might have lasted until she began to rub hers out, at least she had started in my mind. I was completely drained in more ways than one. I nodded off and was woken by hunger pangs and the sound of Christy weeping.

I put on some clothes and went to knock softly on her door. I asked if she was all right, she said nothing; I opened the door to find her on her bed curled in a ball sobbing uncontrollably. I climbed on the bed and held her. After and while she quieted down and said what set her off was she missed her husband, and that she could not 'get there'. I could not even imagine. She looked so primed earlier that I thought she might explode. She confided that ever since she got a vibrator she could not get off with her hands. So I stupidly said 'so use your vibrator' that set off another round of crying. It finally set in what is wrong. I was even perceptive enough to know she did not think she could afford a new one.

I was studying as a computer engineer I figured how complicated could it be. I offered to try to fix it. She lit up like a Christmas tree. 'Do you think you can' I won't know until I take a look at it. She immediately produced it from her bed stand. I looked at it while she bounded out of bed and ran to prepare something to eat.

I found there was no fix. I had no idea how to tell her. She bounded up the stairs to announce dinner was ready. From my sullen attitude she guessed. To my surprise she did not did not seem to be crushed.

She explained over dinner that she had one other vibrator that was built to last and that she knew it could be repaired, but she made me swear not to till anyone, especially not her husband. Apparently the first vibrator came from her husband they used together, but the second she bought used. It was a saddle vibrator from a friend, who felt sorry for Christy, because Uncle Al was gone for months at a time. I had never heard of the thing. I asked her how she knew it could be repaired. She said she had contacted the manufacturer and apparently they will repair broken units but she had no money for that either.

I was shocked when she dragged it out of the closet. The thing was massive. I took it to the basement and started to take it apart. It was pretty simple machine actually, with a motor built to rock the house. It took all night to fully diagnose. Christy must have slept well, she met me with a beaming smile, a hug and kiss in the morning. I told her I knew what was wrong, but that it would take parts to repair. She visibly sank, I said they are not expensive parts, this did not seem to buoy her at all. I told her I could buy them with my dad's credit card and have it fixed by evening. She thought it through and asked how I would explain the charge. 'I'd say I had to repair one of your appliances, and that I forgot to ask you to reimburse me. I'd offer to repay him, which I could do by then with my summer job'. Christy hugged me and kissed me on the mouth.

Although I had not slept in over a day, there was no way I was about to tell Christy it would have to wait a day. I'd rebuild it from scratch if I had to. Luckily the local radio parts store had the parts I thought I needed. By three in the afternoon I had it back together. I took it upstairs to test the functions, it was pretty loud. Christy came running. I got my biggest hug, a French kiss, and my back side grabbed. I tried to return the favor but Christy started dancing around the room like a kid at Christmas. She ran to her room to get the attachments she came back in just a short silk robe open in the front.

She put a finger shaped probe on the machine and lubed it up. Faster then you can say Nirvana she was on it. She seemed oblivious to my presence. I started stripping. Christy definitely knew what she wanted she ran the controls up more that half way up. In less than two minutes she was shaking like she was having a seizure. She screamed and slumped forward turning down the controls but she did not turn them off. She sat there absorbed, I massaged her back, after a while she sat up, I massaged her breasts, she started to get into it again, she grabbed some lube and my prick and really started to work on me. I had not slept in forever. I was frazzled, but this was the hottest thing I had ever seen or read about, let alone been a part of.

She worked me to the brink all the while turning up the machine. Then she would back down. I have a rather short fuse, but she was masterful at bringing me to the brink without letting me cum. After half an hour she had me begging to cum. I was just about to take over when she dialed the machine to the perfect pitch and started working me with both hands like I've never been worked before. I shot so hard it splattered Christy's cheek and hair more than a foot away. It kept cumming blast after blast. As I was dribbling my last, Christy dropped one hand to steady herself. She came again, it seemed to last forever. When she was done she turned the machine off and just sat there. She told me that this was the first time she had cum in three months. She couldn't stop saying thank you.

We had shared something that she and her husband never would. She told me I could come up any time and she would be pleased to beat me off, and if her husband was away she said we could do a mutual any time I wanted. I asked for more but she explained no and said not to ask again. That was reserved for her husband. It was clear that if I persisted my visits would have to end.

I transferred to a school near Christy and I live in the carriage house now. I bring my girlfriends over and if we get to the point of sex I always invite them to bring their toys, I buy them a high end vibrator as a one month anniversary present. Word must be out, because I'm never without a girlfriend. I'm regularly pursued by several girls. I'm not necessarily looking to settle down, I'm looking for that perfect girl. Too bad the only one I've met so far is taken.

I thought it would be a real pain when Uncle Al came home. It does cut back on Christy's visits, but we seem to get together at least once a week. He seems genuinely pleased that I'm around to take care of Christy when he is away. If he ever found out he would break me in half. Christy has shared the secrets of her husbands prowess and to this day, the only way she gets off is with a vibe or with him, sometimes both. She keeps her pilot seat as she calls it, in the carriage house. He knows nothing about it. I've been tempted to drag it out for my girlfriends, but that is another line not worth crossing. If Christy ever found out it would be over.

I've learned to please a woman every time. I've never met a girl I can't get off, occasionally to their astonishment. Apparently guys my age tend to be more self serving.

Guys don't be intimidated by vibrators or girls that seem to only be able to get off on vibes. If you take care of them, they will take care of you. It's better to have a girl that can only get off on a vibe, than one that can't get off at all!



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