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Unexpected Benefits

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Confession times.... I am English, come from a very wealthy background and enjoyed the very best schooling.

There were any number of extras on the curriculum...even flying lessons (which I took and led to a career as an airline pilot) and music lessons...in my case, classical organ.


Imagine an instrument with a truly immense range, from notes almost too high to hear, down to notes that are felt rather than heard. Now add to that power...power that, before a large organ is built in a church, a structural survey is needed to ensure the building can withstand the vibrations. (The music room at Glyndebourne had an organ installed in it that was so powerful, part of the ceiling collapsed when it was first used. )

Such is the large classical organ.

Oh at first, you don't get to use it at full chat, but when one does, oh my!

I remember one practice session when I was playing something really loud. I needed to pee, and the deep, 32ft low c on the pedals just resonated through me. In a second, I knew, I felt horny. That time, I did nothing about it, but the next day, I remembered....

When I got to that section again, I felt the vibrations rush through me, and there was no doubt... It made me horny. I remember lifting my skirt so that I sat on the oak bench with only my panties in contact with the seat. Then I took them off. It felt so naughty sitting there with my bare bum and pussy against the cool oak, and of course, I knew I was aroused. I played the section again and knew I had to masturbate.

Most organ lofts have a chair for the organist to sit on during the sermons, and my college chapel had a large old armchair.

I sat in the chair with my skirt up round my waist and my knees over the arms, and started to stroke my clit and finger myself. So many erotic thoughts ran through me and I got closer to orgasm.

Just before I came, I opened my eyes and looked up into the organ mirror...most organs have one that allows the organist to see into the body of the church. It flashed across my mind that if anyone was down there, they could look up and see into my body....that thought made me cum...hard.

From then on, I would masturbate during every practice session. I even had organ lessons with nothing on under my skirt. I would feel myself getting wet, and sometimes there was a juicy little mark on the bench when I got off.

In my last year there, I got more and more daring...wearing as little as possible, and a few times, I would masturbate naked on the staircase that led from the church up inside the organ. Sprawled there, among the pipes and wind trunking, I had the most delicious rape fantasies, and sometimes, my orgasms were accompanied with a little female ejaculation. I think at least once, I lost some pee too.

When I was 25, I went back to give a speech. I had just got a job as first officer on the 737/400 fleet with a major carrier. I asked if I could visit the chapel again and play the organ. Walking up inside it, I looked at the stairs where I used to lay, and imagined that I could still see the stains of my cum.

What I did do, was reach under my uniform skirt and give myself a little touch on the way up.

I played for about half an hour before finishing myself off on the walk back down.

Finally, as a Mark of, oh I don't know really, I took my panties off and tucked them behind part of the trunking. They will stay there, hidden, until the organ is either renovated, or as is increasingly the case these days, demolished. One day, perhaps very far into the future, someone will find the panties of a girl who learned far more about herself in that organ than she ever did about music.

It seems a fitting tribute.



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