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Under the Sleeping Bag

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Hello my name is Ryan and I am now 18 years old. The story that I am about to tell you happened a couple of years ago but I rather enjoyed it and I wish that I could do it over and over again.....
This story takes place when I was around 11 or 12. My parents were split up and my mom had a new man in her life. They were living with each other for at least 5 years when his sons (Robert -10) and (Jake-9) started to come over. at the time I never really thought about sex or masturbation like I do now but I have never really J/O to the point of orgasm. One weekend the entire family had decided to go to Catalina for the weekend on our family boat. There were six of us. My sister (Janine-14) and my step brothers, my mom and my step dad. There were only four beds and so two of us had to share a bed which of course was me and my youngest step brother Jake. About the second night that we were there my parents had decided to go to bed rather early (around sunset) and us kids stayed up and played cards until midnight like we normally did. After I think about 11 my sister and my step brother Robert decided to go to bed so me and Jake grabbed the deck of cards and a couple of flashlights and went to our bed and started to play some cards. Since our bed was extremely close to the parents' and we wanted to play cards we made the bed so that we had a sleeping bag on the top of the both of us and the other was under the both of us. Jake slept in his shorts and sometimes a t-shirt but I always slept in my boxers. we started to play and we got into about the third hand when I had looked towards his crotch and noticed this rather small bulge begin to grow. I was so turned on by this that not even realizing it my 4 1/2 incher started to poke out of my boxer shorts. he just had this big grin on his face and I just thought that he had a really good hand so I said okay this is going to be the last hand and then we are going to go to bed and he agreed. So he won and we put the cards under the pillow and we turned off the flashlights and started to fall asleep. I was a little to horny and curious about what his penis looked like to go to bed so I stayed up for about a half an hour. By the time that I thought that he was asleep I rolled over and I whispered his name to see if he would respond but there was nothing. So I grabbed my flashlight that I had under my pillow and crawled under the covers to start in on my search. I knew that the parents were only a few feet away and would be able to hear anything that went on so I had to be extra careful. My heart was pounding as I slowly unzipped his zipper to his pants and slowly started to put my hand towards his penis. At last I found what I was looking for as I took his 2incher in my hand. I took my flashlight and pointed it towards so that I could see and it was so small and limp at the time that it just really got me turned on. I had never tasted a penis before nor have I ever held or seen another persons penis this close before so I thought that I would try something new out. As I played with his Little 2incher in my hand I started to rub it furiously as it began to get harder and harder to the point to where it was as big as it was going to get. his penis was now about a nice 3 1/2 incher. I then took his penis into my mouth and I began to suck on it as I became hornier and hornier and I could not believe that he was not waking up to this. he started to have these deep breathes and he did not wake up. But what a surprise it would be if he had. As I sucked on his penis I started to want more and more so I started to grab his rear furiously and push him deeper into my mouth. He surprisingly was not awake or he was just enjoying it way to much to say anything that would make me stop. I was about 5 minutes into sucking his penis that he shot a load in my mouth not making a groan or anything. It tasted sooooo good that I swallowed it. as I crawled back up to the top of the bed and laid down beside him I needed to jerk off to what had just happened. I was laying there and I pulled down my boxers laying there completely naked with another male in my bed and I was extremely turned on by this fact. As I laid there caressing my 4 1/2incher I started to feel this tingling sensation (not knowing what it was) but I pumped and pumped until I shot my load all over my stomach and it was all creamy and warm. I took my hand and started to wipe it up and decided to taste it since Jakes had tasted so good so I started to put it into my mouth bit by bit and it tasted so good. The next morning when I woke up I was in a lot better of a mood and I was just laying there and thinking about what I had done and My step brother had waken up he had this smile on his face as I closed my eyes to pretend like I was still asleep. The covers were all off of me because I was really warm so I was only in my boxers and he had crawled over me to get out of the bed as I acted as though I was about to roll over andi thrusted my pelvis into his and as I opened my eyes for a brief moment I had looked and noticed that he had this smile on his face. Later on that day I kept looking at his crotch just imagining what it would be like if he were standing there naked. But NOw the times have died of going to the boat but I still like to sneak into his room which I know that he knows of this and do what I used to do because his penis is always much hard now that it is bigger now its the full length of 6' as mine is also.
well that is all I have for now.



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