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Under the Covers

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Visiting family friends while I was a girl, I learned a new game and still pleasure myself thinking about it.


When I was just coming into my teens, we took a trip one hot summer to see some old friends of my parents, whom I had never met before. It was just my mom, dad, and me, since I am an only child. It was a long road trip, and we stayed for the weekend.

When we got there it was just my parents friends that were home, and I was really getting bored with the whole thing. Then later in the day their son Jeffrey came home from his sports practice. He was a few years older than me, well into puberty.

We were both just sitting around with the adults for a while, kind of getting a sense of one another. He was really cute, and I was very shy. After some time we both relaxed more and more and warmed up to each other, and started playing board games, etc. But we were getting loud with our laughing and yelling, so the adults told us to go into his room to play.

After finishing up with the board games we were instantly best friends. He made me laugh like crazy. He asked me if I wanted to play 'under the covers' with him. I had never heard of it, so he told me the rules.

Basically, the goal of the game was to see who could last under the covers the longest. We each get a turn, one at a time to be covered up to our neck under the comforter, while the other one is under the covers. The person under the covers gets to do what ever they want to to the person covered up, and the person that is covered up has to remain completely still and relaxed, and play dead. The person under the covers can move your body around, etc., but tickling was not allowed. The first person goes for 10 seconds, and if they don't resist or move, or tell the other to stop, then we changed places, and the second person goes for 10 seconds. Each round doubled in time, so the second round was 20 seconds, then 30 seconds, etc. If you move or flinch, then you lose 10 seconds when it's your turn under the covers, but the person covered up still gets full credit for their turn. If you tell the other person to stop what they are doing, then you lose the game, and the game ends.

I remember this so vividly because it was so fun, and I've never had another experience like it.

We flipped a coin, and I was first to be covered up to my neck. Jeffrey went under the covers, and didn't really do anything. I figured he was just making me laugh, which was true. My turn under the covers I didn't know what to do, so just made threats of tickling him. It went like this for a few rounds, then when were up to 45 or 60 seconds, I remember he started repositioning my legs. I just played dead and let him do what he wanted, giggling. I remember I was wearing a pair of pink plaid shorts and a tee shirt, and shoe and socks. He straightened my legs out, then pulled them apart slightly, so my feet were wider than my hips. I didn't think anything at all of it, but in the last 10 seconds he surprised me. He untied my shoe, and loosened it, then took my shoe off. I remember it gave me a funny thrill, but not in a sexual way. Just weird to have someone else take my shoe off.

Next my turn, so I just played around and straightened his legs out too, etc. I remember they were hairy, which stood out in my mind, since that was so different than my body. He was still wearing his orange nylon basketball shorts and shoes, and a basketball shirt.

When it was his turn again, I resumed the position he had left me in, which was another rule I forgot to mention. He immediately untied my other shoe and took it off, slowly, and we were both giggling.. Then he took off my socks, which made me nervous he was going to tickle my feet. But he didn't. He did part my legs even further though, and I remember wondering if he could see my panties through my leg opening. I almost reacted, and remember being beet red, but I found it exciting, and wasn't sure he could, or if he even cared. He began rubbing my lower legs, up and down, and saying how smooth and soft they were. I remember it felt nice, but I was totally embarassed.

When it was my turn under the covers again, I didn't know what else to do so i took off his shoes and socks too. That's when I first noticed something I had never seen before in my life, which was a huge bulge in his shorts. I knew it was his dick, but was surprised at how big it was. I was kind of embarassed at that, and then just let the clock run down until it was his turn again.

We were close to two minutes each now, and once again I resumed my position from the last turn. He started rubbing my legs again, and slowly worked his way higher and higher. I remember getting excited. I had been masturbating occassionally for a while, and knew what I was feeling. Through several turns he had rolled me on my tummy, back onto my back, on my side with my legs all curled up into a ball, etc. I was having a lot of fun. Eventually he had been touching me within inches of my private zones, and I knew it, and he was verbally teasing me, saying I can't fight or I'll lose my turn. He didn't touch me there, but he did undo my belt and take it off. This excited me beyond belief, and I remember getting peaks of his raging boner when I could under the covers.

I let him finally unbotton my shorts and unzip them, and he pulled them down with my panties still on. I was so turned on! He also rolled my shirt up and exposed my training bra, which I liked. He was just starting to tug my panties down when I finally got scared and lost the game.

When I got home I immediately went to my bedroom and fingered myself to ecstacy, thinking about our game and my new explorations. I have masturbated several times through the years thinking about that day, fantasizing about it going much further, now that I am older and know more about such things. I never saw Jeffrey again after that day, but I sure have fucked him plenty of times. :)



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