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Uncle Tom's Time

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It was spring break, and Uncle Tom invited me over for a few days. My Mom was working, and so was my sister, and I was in my last semester of highschool. He had cable, and tons of tv channels, so I knew it would be a fun break. I also wanted to talk to him more about jerking off, cause the last time, we didn't have time to talk about it, and it was awkward. I had thought alot about it, and wanted to know how many times a day you could jerk off without doing something bad, also, if you could make yourself shoot farther, and how long Uncle Tom had gone without jerking off. Last time at the club, he said it had been a week, but that didn't seem long at all to me.

I brought my backpack in to Uncle Tom's house into the back door, and also a case of Rootbeer, so we could have floats later. I put the rootbeer in the refrigerator, and took my pack to the room I usually stay in, which used to be just an office. After my sister and I were old enough to hang out with him, without going home crying, he made it into a guest room. I set my pack down, and went downstairs to see if Uncle Tom was down there. He had a recreational area with pool table and big tv and surround sound. He wasn't down there, and I went back upstairs, going up to the second story where he had made the attic into a massive suite, with a hot tub in the bathroom. I walked up the stairs, and called his name. He said he'd be right out from the bathroom, and I heard water splash. I sat at his desk, and played chess on his computer, and heard his bathroom door open. I turned and saw him walk out with a towel wrapped around his waist. He was clean shaven, and had gotten a really short buzzed haircut, but you could still see a lot of gray hair in the short cut. It looked like he also trimmed some of his body hair. I commented on the new look, and he said he had met someone. I gave him a look and he said 'It's casual, but just in case, I wanna be presentable.' He pointed down at his crotch. I got it, and laughed at him. He took his towel off, and I could see that he really did trim all of it down. His dick looked even bigger without thick pubes around it. It looked really smooth, and freckled, like the rest of his body. He pulled on some boxers, and asked what I wanted to do that night. I told him about the rootbeer, and he said we'd have to go pick up ice cream.

We got back from the store, and Uncle Tom got the scoop and glasses ready for floats. He also started his grill on the back porch and made us a couple hamburgers. He set the table, and we ate, and enjoyed our floats. We played a couple games of pool, watching Psych re runs, and he told me about the woman he met. She worked at the grocery store, and she was pretty and really sweet. He said they had gone on a couple dates, and had another one planned the next night. He said I could hangout here, and he would leave money for food. I wasn't worried, there was plenty of stuff to do, and he had cable, and wifi.

Uncle Tom's date night went well, he came home happy and chatty about the woman. He asked if I wanted to go to the club and work out with him, which I said yeah. I had eaten pizza, so it would be nice to work it off. We went in and changed, and Uncle Tom had a stiffy again. I pointed at it, 'She didn't take care of that?' 'No, we're actually gonna wait on that I guess. I can take care of it later.' He pulled his jock strap on and shifted his stiffy off to the side again. We did our usual workout, spent time in the sauna and whirlpool again, and showered and went back to his house. We watched Sons of Anarchy, and made floats again. Uncle Tom asked if I wanted to hang out in the hot tub upstairs. I was excited about the idea, and we went up and stripped down. I didn't have my suit with, so we just went in naked. Uncle Tom relaxed, laying back on one side, and I was across from him. The hot tub was relatively smaller than the one at the club. Our legs were draped over each other, but it wasn't a big deal. I relaxed too, and enjoyed the flow of water over my body. Uncle Tom got out and I saw that he had a stiffy again. 'I'll be right back.' He grabbed his towel, and wrapped it around, tucking his stiffy off to the side, and leaving. I stayed in the hot tub, and relaxed. It's been a half hour, and I was feeling my fingertips become wrinkled. I got up and grabbed a towel, drying myself off, and wrapping it around myself. I walked out into Uncle Tom's room, and didn't see him. I walked through the rest of the suite, not finding him, so I walked downstairs. I went into the kitchen, and got a glass of water, which felt great, after being in the hot tub. I finished my glass of water, and went to my room, getting a fresh pair of underwear. I pulled them on, and walked downstairs, to the laundry to put my clothes in the washing machine. I saw that the rec room lights were on, and I walked in to shut them off. I saw Uncle Tom's knees up past the back of the couch. I walked over, and saw that he was jerking off, so I turned and walked away quickly. I stopped on the other side, not sure of what to do. I was very curious then, but didn't want him to get mad if he ever found out. I walked back in there, and glanced over the edge of the couch. Uncle Tom had a pair of women's underwear over his face, and he was breathing slowly in and out, with them covering his face. He was jerking off slowly, and I could see a little bit of sweat on his body. He stretched his legs out, and I moved quickly out of view again. After a few seconds, I walked back over, and watched over the edge of the couch. His legs were straight out, and he was jerking off a lot faster now. Every couple of pumps, he would pull hard on his left nipple, which his nipples were very hard, and big at this point. He also tugged on his balls too.

Uncle Tom had been sniffing the women's underwear and jerking off for quite awhile now, and I suppose he had started after leaving the hot tub. I kept looking at how big his stiffy was. It had gotten even bigger, now that he was jerking off. It went past his pube area, and touched almost to his six pack abs. He started moaning, and panting deeper, and then I saw him jizz all over himself. He kept jizzing, and I slowly backed away, so when he moved the undies, he wouldn't see me. I heard him panting as I left the room, and went back upstairs. I walked to the room I was staying at, and pulled on some jeans and a t-shirt. Uncle Tom came upstairs, with the towel wrapped around his waist, and must have seen my light on, cause he came over, and knocked on the door. I said come in, and he peeked in 'Hey, what are you up to?' He looked kind of nervous. 'Oh, just texting my Mom. I was looking for you.' 'You didn't find me?' 'No, well, sort of.' I looked nervously at him. He laughed out loud. 'You found me eh? Sorry, I should've been more discreet. I guess I couldn't help it. I had to get my jollies off.' 'I did see you, but I didn't stay the whole time.' 'Well, did you have any questions, or concerns?' 'No, well, I was wondering what's the longest you went without jizzing?' 'I made it a month one time, but that was too damn long. I like to jerk off at least a couple of times a week.' 'Wow! Do you jizz a lot, since your dick looks pretty big.' 'Yeah, I guess I do. It's gotten thicker in the past few years.' I nodded understandingly, and didn't have any other questions. He told me he was going upstairs to get dressed and we could hangout more if I wanted to. I said that would be fun, and he came back down a few minutes later. We played games on the tv in the room I slept in, and went to bed shortly after. The next day, Uncle Tom took me to the club again, and we did our usual workouts. I spent the rest of the week with Uncle Tom, and spied on him one more time upstairs. I hope that when I am his age, that I have as much fun jerking off as he does...



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